What is husbandry?

Husbandry is the day to day care of our animals. This section of the website includes descriptions of the physical care that is required to own a parrot.

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Pellets? Seeds? Veggies? Fruits? Parrot diet is a complex thing. This essay sheds some light on what parrots actually need and how best to provide it to them, along with tips and tricks to convert parrots to a new diet.


One of the most astonishing parts of owning a parrot is watching them fly. But not everyone can have flighted parrots. This essay describes situations in which you'd want to consider allowing flight, and situations in which clipped may be safer. In addition, it goes into some details on how to convince a formerly clipped parrot to fly.

Multi-species households

Many people have multiple pets of different species, which may include dogs, cats, or multiple species of parrots. This essay discusses how best to get your parrots to safely live with cats, dogs, and other parrots, as well as the risks associated with multi-species households.

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General Husbandry

All the husbandry information that doesn't fit anywhere else.

All about cages

Cage selection, size, setup, and maintenance

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