Ridiculously funny big red bird pictures, day two.

Tlalli is such a fun parrot. I woke up this morning and she happily stepped onto my arm from inside her cage, but then climbed on top of it and didn’t want to step up from there.

Instead of forcing her, we did some basic targeting training (targeting a fist) which helps by rewarding approaching people and also approaching hands. After a bit, I went into the living room, and we called back and forth a bit.

After maybe 20 minutes of being alone in the library, I went back to visit her, and she happily stepped on my arm and came out to spend the rest of the day on her stand.

Later on, she took a shower, and again didn’t want to step up. So we walked out of the room (a little negative punishment), and less than 30 seconds later, she called out “Come here!”, and we walked back in and she stepped right up.

She’s eaten a bunch of pellets, stepped up for everyone, and also played some with toys. She’s still chewing on her feathers, but I didn’t really expect that to go away immediately.

The cats are mostly over her, save for when her tail bobs around too much. The dogs are in love because she tosses a lot of food, and that’s their favourite thing about parrots.

She talks a LOT — this was just after a constant string of ‘peek-a-boo’.

Looking sweet.

Learning about playing with toys.

The green wings that give them their name.

She has a beautiful long tail.

Ugly feathers, beautiful bird.

Preening nicely.

Then, as her final trick for the night, she climbed up on top of the stand and started flapping slowly. We cheered her on and had a giant party, and she flapped until her feet were hot and she was a little out of breath. Yay for exercise! I’m hoping to teach her to fly too.

Biiiiig wings (and mostly unclipped now, just a few left to grow in).

Not the most gorgeous plumage, but you can see how pretty she’ll be once she’s molted in some new feathers.

Yay flapping (and extra bonus goldfish).

That’s it for now! Hope you all are having a great ‘week between Christmas and New Years’.

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Introducing Tlalli.

I’m aware that the subject gives away the punch line, so to speak, but you’ll have to suffer through the story anyways. :) I also have a gazillion other pictures to post, but this one jumps the gun.

Summer of 2008, I brought home a baby scarlet macaw named Schrodinger, who was my delight and joy. He had a number of health problems when he was quite young which were a sign of things to come.

September of 2012, he died unexpectedly of kidney failure. It was possibly the hardest thing that I’ve ever experienced. I mourned for a long time, went through phases where I was sure I wanted another macaw immediately to try to make it better, and then sure that I never wanted another macaw, ever.

In the past year, seeing Artichoke and Anisette so happy together (and they deserve an update too), I’ve really re-affirmed my belief that knowledgeable parrot owners can have pet parrots who enjoy interacting with humans and who also live with and interact with other parrots.

And so, we had been talking absently about one day bringing home another macaw as a companion for us and also for Theo. I decided over a year ago that, for our household, another scarlet may not be a good idea, and that our next large macaw would probably be a rehomed greenwing. They aren’t that frequently rehomed around here, and I wanted a parrot who had only moderately bad habits, not awful ones.

On Christmas day, on a whim based on someone else rehoming a macaw on facebook, I ended up searching kijiji.

Less than an hour before I searched, someone who lives 15 minutes from my house posted a five year old greenwing macaw. We spoke that night, and we went to visit the next day to get an idea of what sort of parrot she was.

What sort of parrot is she? Well, she came home today, so that gives you an idea.

Tlalli (Pronunciation found here) was originally named Amy. We are her third owners, at the age of five. She is supposedly a DNA sexed female, but without paperwork.

Her last owner had her for a year, and loved her immensely, but lacked a great deal of the required knowledge to own a parrot, much less a large macaw. She was starting some really ugly habits that would have ended up badly in the not terribly distant future, including lunging at hands and climbing down to chase people who were intimidated by her.

She’s also begun to destroy the feathers on her wings and chest, which you can see in the pictures. She has a mild scissor beak as well, which may not be helping much.

Her diet was sub-par at best (parrot mix, mostly sunflower seeds and peanuts), and she had essentially zero toys, and likely no baths.

And yet, she’s ridiculously sweet tempered. She wasn’t sure how she felt about us at her house, but even there she stopped lunging almost immediately when it didn’t work (and we didn’t press her to do anything). We’re definitely in the honeymoon period of being in a new place, but she’s stepped up for everyone, had us and our friends scratch her head, and constantly and joyfully interacts vocally with just about anyone. She says ‘cracker’, ‘bye bye’, ‘hi’, ‘peek-a-boo’, ‘come here’, and undoubtedly more things, and many of the words are accompanied with gestures or sounds.

We brought her home and immediately threw her in the shower, which she enjoyed immensely. She also played with some toys today, took blueberries from everyone here, and mostly ate pellets during the day. She’s still destroying her feathers, but I imagine that will go on for a while, particularly considering her tatteredness.

We’ll make a vet appointment to get her checked out once the holidays are over, and she’ll continue to learn good parrot behaviours, get lots of baths, and figure out how best to interact in this household.

It’ll be a ton of fun.

So, all the words out of the way, meet Tlalli, my best and only Christmas present this year. :)

Or, y’know, Nemo, who was SO overwrought with joy at this new toy. Yes, I know how to introduce them, and no one was at risk (nor will be).

Okay, this is Tlalli, all wet still.

All tattered now, but just wait!

You can see her works (this picture is mostly for me for reference for the future).

Dryer, and looking a touch less rumpled.

And finally, her most entertaining trick:

Dec 27, 2013 | Peek a boo! by stejacks on Keek.com

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Surgery went fine.

I’m home, doing well, somewhat sore, and very tired, but in one piece. More details later, just wanted people to be updated.

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Mostly cats!

It’s apparently been forever since I’ve updated. Life has been more or less exactly the same — laying on the couch, waiting for surgery.

Thankfully, I’m going to get fixed on Friday, so we’re almost there.

Tons of random pictures from the past six weeks or so. :)

Me, couch, cats. Life in a nutshell.

Noire, on the loveseat.

Ancient Charlotte portrait.

Best poodle ever.

The old dogs. :)

I swear, half the cats in the house hate Noire, and the other half think she’s the best creature ever to cuddle with.

A LOT of dog cuddling in this house.

It’s a hard life.

When they’re not cuddling with Noire, they’re taking up space on me.

All the time, all the pets.

Then, they have to assist by climbing into the cabinets to ‘help’.

Then there’s more playing.

They all make excellent faces.

Then it’s back to cuddling on the couch, this time with an additional dog.

There you have a summary of the last six weeks of my life. :)

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Wonderful world of cats.

Here’s your official dump of cat pictures. :)

Flying cat pictures, that is.

We had a toy out, and it turns out that Oriental cats are pretty acrobatic. Who knew?

Mac flies!

Jumping over each other!

Play is an everyone sort of game. (Except Fetch, who doesn’t like being with all of us downstairs very often.)

Nemo flies the MOST though.

Seriously, the most.

All the cats!


Got it!

A pause for ancient cats. Gypsy’s at least 13 years old, probably closer to 16 or 17, and in great shape.

The Tiny Overlord loves her though.

Jelly oversees her relative’s attacking.

It’s a rough life, being a kitten.

These two are the best of friends (and rapidly approaching the same size. :))

The very, very best of friends.

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Little bird pictures!

Tonight, I finally managed to make it off the couch and spent some time rearranging cages. The pyrrhuras’ cage needed some work now that there were two of them, Radish’s cage wasn’t set up well for his way of moving around (and of standing and pooping constantly on things), and Tea, well, Tea got a rearrangement because he was there.

And I took a handful of pictures, because why not?

The cranky, naked old man.

In fact, he’s significantly less naked, having grown in some lovely legs and a few more feathers on his back, plays with toys, eats well, and is doing really fine. He’s not happy about coming out of his cage, which will be one of my projects once I’m up and about again.

Not so unhappy about being out that he can’t eat sunflower seeds though.

He’s so pretty and so much fun.

Next up, the world’s most amusing couple who refused to get close enough to be photographed together. They spent approximately 100% of their time out flying to me, flying around me, and in general going ‘I love you, I love you so much’. Thankfully, their arguing when I’m around has decreased immensely, and oh, hey, Ani no longer has pinfeathers on her head, so there’s some allopreening going on.

Did I mention I love you so much?

Look, ma, no pinfeathers!

We also love avicakes.

Both of us.

And last, but not least, the Tea monster, who no longer loves me as much, which is a welcome change.

Also, shock of shocks, a fan of avicakes.

That’s all folks, I’m back on the couch (but I have more cat pictures to post another day. :))

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Unexpected co-habitation.

With me stuck on the couch all the time, the parrots aren’t getting as much time and attention as they were. They’re all fine, they get toys, and food, and are clean, but for the last month and the next month or two, they’re stuck in their cages a lot more.

Back in March, we brought home a pair of conures, one a baby black capped conure who we hoped would be friends with our green cheeked conure, Anisette.

We’ve done some work at introductions, but not a vast amount. They’re caged right next to each other, with food and water so that they can eat and drink together.

Just now, my better half went downstairs and saw both of them sitting as close to each other as they could be in two separate cages.

And thus Artichoke was put in Anisette’s cage (which is bigger) and they sat happily side by side, and ate a sunflower seed or two, and now apparently they get to live together.

Me coming downstairs to see was a little more exciting because both of them think that the sun rises and sets with my presence, but even that wasn’t enough to cause issues.

And it makes me so happy, because Ani is excessively attached to me, and I am glad she’ll have company while I’m on the couch.

A few pictures, to celebrate this occasion.

He’s grown up to be an awfully pretty bird. He’s still molting like crazy, but he’s got a lot more of his adult feathering.

This is right when I got closer — you can see a little fluffing of neck feathers, but they relaxed almost immediately.

Ani looks super cute in this picture. (And yes, we’re rearranging their cage tomorrow, and yes, I will trim that awful ragged string.)

Art says ‘My head is on upside down!’

Such a cute couple. :)

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Cat based randomness.

Apparently, the only thing we take pictures of these days are cats. This is likely related to the fact that I spend 100% of my time laying on the couch, which limits what else I can do.

And so, you get some pictures. :)

One day, while laying on the couch, I looked over to see Macavity investigating how high he could get in the kitchen.

He was seriously considering jumping on top of the cabinets.

But gravity won.

Next, we have the Orientals in a basket.

It’s a rough life.

Noire and the cats love this back problem a LOT.

And finally, Macavity will be in a cat show tomorrow, and thus he needed a bath. Because it’s cold, he got snuggled under the blanket.

And others got involved in this one.

It’s a rough life in this house.

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Cat shows are fun!

I may be on the couch, but not everyone in our house is.

Quick backstory. We put a deposit on Macavity when he was a month old. As he grew up, he became more and more pretty, and his breeder asked us if she could use him for stud once before we neuter him. We said sure, and also that she could show him.

His first show was last weekend, at the Canadian National Exhibition. It was a HUGE show with over 120 cats entered, 40 of which were kittens. Quick cat show summary:

There’s five types of competitions in the CCA — kitten, open, champion, alter, and household pet. Kitten is for cats 4 – 8 months old, open is for cats who are not yet champions, champion is for champions, alter is for neutered purebreds, and household pet is for any other cat who wants to compete.

Each purebred competition is roughly the same. Cats are judged against other cats of the same colour and sex, then against cats of the same breed. Then, each judge picks their top cats overall (5, 10, or 15 depending on how many cats are in the show), and those then get ranked.

Generally, there are four judges per day, and a lot of shows are 2 or 3 days. This show was two days, and extremely busy.

For a cat who has never been to a cat show before, he did exceptionally well behaviourally. He was somewhat stressed, but not too terribly so, and he did fantastically for the judges, allowing them to stretch him and maul him about. He also spent two days with his breeder, which was also strange for him, and also cooped up in relatively small show cages.

But, how did he actually do in the show?

Oh, you know, he did okay.

Honestly, he blew me away. The only Oriental kitten who did better than him is another of his breeder’s cats.

Out of eight judges, he got best of breed three times, second best twice, and made it to three final rings, where he got sixth, seventh, and tenth best.

Not bad for a tiny baby! He’s got a few more shows as a kitten, then will be shown next April as an adult and likely to his championship.

As far as the ribbon pictures go, here are some outtakes. :)

Hrm. Ribbons might be tasty.

Does the ribbon go well with my eyes?

Photobombing ribbon thief! (Also at the show, Nemo’s dad got best of the best in the show, and I believe got promoted to Supreme Master Grand Champion, which is a delightfully ridiculous title. He’s a lovely, sweet cat too.)

The ribbons will, of course, go up on the wall once we get a board for them.

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Okay, massive photo dump!

I’ve not posted pictures in forever thanks to spending all my time on the couch, so now you get a bunch of them.

This is what life on the couch looks like.

As you can see, Macavity is utterly terrified of the doberman. This is their default position all day long — Macavity is the lap cat, and Noire requires to sit at my feet.

A beautiful sunset. It looked like the sky was bleeding.

In the rare times that I leave the couch, other pets occupy it. Nemo’s growing up to be such a beautiful cat.

Okay, sometimes he’s beautiful.

Lookat my profile!


Spotty belly!

The three amigos: Nemo, Macavity, and Jellylorum.

Thoughtful cats.

And finally, our overlords.

One more post, but I need to take a few more pictures for that one. ;)

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