Macaw update all filled with pictures.

April 30th was Tlalli’s 7th birthday.

May 4th was Theo’s 11th gotcha day, meaning we’ve been putting up with the big cranky for well over a decade. :)

Tlalli has been joining us at the York Region Parrot Club meetings the past two months and absolutely loving it, as you can see in this picture where she helps test out the toys. I love how social and unflappable she is about life in general, and I love taking her out and about with me.

If you’re local to the GTA and looking for a great parrot club, I highly recommend coming out and meeting everyone.

The two macaws have been living in their big cage together for 7 months now, and clearly enjoy each other’s company. Even out of the cage, they regularly interact and destroy toys together, as you can see.

There’s nothing quite like destroying a cat show program together. First, free toys! Second, giant mess!

The one less than great update is on her feather destruction. Starting in October of last year, she began chewing her feathers again, and was quite barbered by early this year. There’s a couple of things that changed at that time period that may have contributed:

1) She moved in with Theo, which although good in the long run, did cause some short term stress.

2) The heat came on, and the air in the house got significantly dryer.

However, as you can see here, she’s already growing in new feathers along her shoulders and back. The humidity in the house has increased dramatically with the heat off and we’ve been giving her red palm oil with her fresh foods. I’m not sure which one it is, but we’ll continue with the red palm oil throughout the year, and invest in a humidifier for next winter and see what happens.

And maybe Theo will grow in a full tail too. Tlalli likes to grab it playfully, and he’s missing some feathers. (In case anyone’s worried and not as familiar, Theo’s handicapped and cannot spread his wings fully and thus absolutely cannot fly — it’s safe for him to be out unrestrained, he’s not going anywhere. And yes, that’s a Crow photobomb.)

Preening in the sun post bath is awesome even if you can’t extend your wings.

Rumpled and barbered or fully feathered, I don’t really care, I love her beyond belief.

Nothing like spending the afternoon in the sun with a pair of caws.

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Introducing Mister.

“(At least we all heard that somebody purred)
Which is incontestable proof
Of his singular magical powers:
And I have known the family to call
Him in from the garden for hours,
While he was asleep in the hall.
And not long ago this phenomenal Cat
Produced seven kittens right out of a hat!”
— Mr. Mistoffelees, by T.S. Eliot.

Thanks to the last line I quoted above, I have always, always wanted to name a breeding queen Mr. Mistoffelees, called Mister for short. And, thanks to an off hand conversation with our dear friend and cat-enabler, Jessica, a few weeks before we picked up the German kittens, we’ve ended up with exactly that cat.

Meet SiamJewels Mr. Mistoffelees of Practicalcats.

She has the most beautiful blue eyes, great head shape, and seems to be growing nice and long. She’s fourteen weeks old now, and a blue point. We’ve had her a week now. :)

She’s the tiniest peanut of a kitten, but ridiculously brave and bold. She is EXCEEDINGLY demanding and vocal about everything and needs love and food RIGHT NOW. She thinks Noire is pretty okay, and toddles around to explore everything.

She really doesn’t even care that her entire body is the same size as Noire’s head.

She also thinks the other cats are pretty okay. Here, she is becoming a member of the pointed club.

She loves the warmy bed AND her Uncle Nemo, of course.

She also does very nicely in a pile with other cats.

Mac is a good Uncle too.

Such beautiful blue eyes.

A basket of cats.

We took some pictures of all of them today enjoying the sun in the library today.

Squirt took the longest (save for Jelly, who still makes ugly faces at the kitten) to get used to her, but has started soliciting play now.

Yes, he’s so terribly cute.



Having an explore!

Oh Balance looks so lovely in the sun.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is all for now! We are done with new cats until we make some of our own this fall. ;)

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The cat pictures have gotten out of hand again.

This happens with some frequency when I go to a cat show and then get an awful cold and also am lazy.

But I will celebrate by giving you some cat pictures and then in the next post, some news that everyone on Facebook already knows!

This is a picture of Balance and his dogs.

Camouflage and Nightfall like each other quite a bit, and little Squirt is getting bigger!

Sometimes, even Jelly will share the dog bed with Noire, particularly if the fire is on.

Dog love again. Yes, that’s dog slobber on his side. Yes, they really are that insanely cuddly.

As is customary before the cat show, we bathed all the cats, and they all wedged themselves in front of the fire to warm up.

Seven of eight cats.

And here, we have the elusive picture of all eight cats!

Then, we went to a cat show, where Macavity was the big winner of the day, as you can clearly see. There’s another one next weekend, which should be a whole lot of fun.

Nightfall shows off her gorgeous eye colour in the middle of a photo shoot that will show up in the next post.

Squirt has gorgeous eyes too.

And, frankly, everything else too.

I can’t help it, I love this guy.

I give up, this is going to be the entire post of nothing but Camouflage pictures.

Okay, not only. Here’s a picture of what living with Oriental Shorthairs is really like — it’s a shame you miss out on the growling. We saved the beef from him.

I’m going to break this post here, and shift over to enjoying the next post. Hint: It will involve kitten. ;)

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Meet the grey palace (and the continued amazement of co-housing parrots)

One day, I will write up an entire post on why I’m working towards housing parrots together. In the short term, this Youtube link from Natural Inspirations Parrot Cages makes a whole lot of my points for me (although I don’t necessarily agree with everything they say, nor do I think all parrots should be communally housed — but it should definitely give you some food for thought).

I’ve seen some amazing behavioural changes in Theo since he moved in with Tlalli, which I pointed out before. He’s more social, MUCH more willing to come out of his cage, is working on learning to talk, has begun flapping his mostly unfunctional wings to the point that he’s regaining breast muscle after years of atrophy.

But the most amazing one happened a couple of days ago. I took out Tlalli, then offered for Theo to come out. He didn’t want to, so I brought her up alone. An hour or so later, I went and asked him again, and he came up. I put him on the stand as usual, and then went and sat down at the computer.

A couple of moments later, I hear Tlalli say, “Hi! How are you?” in her cheerful greeting way, and look up to see if someone came into the room.


Theo, who hates unstable perches, climbed up to say hi to his friend, the first time he’s climbed onto anything like that outside of the cage in the nearly 12 years that I’ve had him.

Our house has 8 foot ceilings on the main floor, so he’s well over my head.

They played with some toys together for a couple of minutes, and then he climbed back down on his own.

It was awesome.

Which is a perfect segue to this. A few weeks ago, we purchased an A&E double macaw cage with the intention of pair housing the greys. We finally put it together a few days ago, decorated it yesterday, and moved them in. It’s fairly large — 80 inches wide by 40 inches deep, probably 6.5 to 7 feet tall. ;)

Blurry end shot — there’s only one UV light on over it because the other bulb burnt out and my new ones haven’t arrived yet.

They are, so far, not particularly enthused about it. Cin has set himself up on one side and Keela on the other, and they’re mostly not interacting. However, they’re greys, and I don’t expect immediate joy of new cage.

The cage is definitely big enough for two pigeon sized parrots to share. :)

Cin would like it if I would stop being so mean to him by providing him with enrichment and new cages (and bossy obnoxious cagemates). Despite that, he’s already significantly more vocal and active just with Keela in the house — they talk and whistle back and forth all the time.

I’m so happy to have yet another pair of parrots set up together! So far, it’s looking like we won’t need the divider, but that’s always an option if they decide to take disapproving clacking to the next level. If that happens, we’ll put the divider back in, flip them from cage to cage every time they come out, and try again in a few weeks.

But so far, so good!

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The Warmy Bed Saga Part the Somethingth.

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? You knew that the time would come that the kittens would discover the warmy bed, and the crisis would begin.

I’m sorry to tell you that the moment has occurred.

First, we have four. (L to R: Jelly, Deuce, Balance, Mac)

Then there are five (addition of Youngsmile (R) and Nightfall (L), removal of Jelly).

And then, ladies and gentlemen, we upgraded all the way to seven (adding back in Jelly, then also Nemo (cream tabby at the farthest right)).

The warmy bed is TOO SMALL.

They sort of ooze out of it in different ways.

And eventually, when they settle, they end up looking like a giant pile of mostly the same colour cats, where you can’t really identify one part from the next.

But this, this is the worst of all. Poor Camouflage doesn’t fit!

(What is actually the worst of all is that the amount of time Jelly spends in the warmy bed has actually lightened her feet to the level that she’d probably do worse at the shows for a bit. We’re considering removing the warmy bed entirely (or at least the warmy bit), but have not yet come to any conclusions, due also to her allergies (which is yet another blog post to write)).

(If that previous paragraph makes no sense, it’s probably because you don’t know the coolest fact about Siamese coloured cats, which is that the Siamese colour is a type of temperature sensitive albinism where only the cold parts of their body produce melanin, thus why they are darker on the extremities and the face (due to the sinuses). It’s also why they’re born white, because the uterus is all the same temperature.)

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Introducing Elliot!

Boy, this one is overdue. Told you I had a lot of blog to write.

I have been to a number of parrot club meetings over the years, and have never once found one that met all my requirements. The biggest issue has been with flighted parrots — many of the clubs that I’ve gone to either refuse to believe that a person can safely keep a flighted parrot, or freak out if a parrot goes to the meeting and flies. The second one is about positive reinforcement and good training — I really prefer to be around like minded individuals.

I decided to give it a shot again and went to the January meetup of The York Region Parrot Club, and it was absolutely awesome. I spent half the meeting with parrots flying to my shoulder, and made special friends with a few greys who were absolutely the social butterflies of the evening, and then listened to a great presentation on trick training. We joined that evening. Madam Tlalli will be attending the March meeting with us, which should be a really interesting adventure.

Anyways, as part of being a member, I was on the Facebook group in which (to no one’s big surprise) a number of parrots are posted needing new homes. A few days after the January meeting, someone posted about a parrot, and I had the gut feeling I was doomed.

See, my SO has wanted a Poicephalus for literally a decade now, and I’ve been making faces at the idea because he wanted a Senegal, and I don’t really like them much. Something about the way they look and the way they interact with the world just doesn’t do it for me. I suggested a Meyers, he made faces, and we were at an impasse. And it never really seemed to be the right time.

Elliot is an almost five year old male red bellied parrot (Poicephalus rufiventris) who was given to a group that does parties for children. They tried to see if he would work out well in that high stimulation environment (which some parrots thrive on!), but he was inconsistent with the staff. We brought him home on January 25th, and he’s the most delightful little parrot.

Red bellieds are sexually dimorphic, so we know he’s a he — hens have a greyish green chest.

He moved into Tea’s old cage, and has settled in very well. He’ll probably be doomed to the land of fewer pictures taken (like the Amazons) due to the fact that he’s not my parrot, and thus spends most of his time out of his cage somewhere that I can’t photograph. :) He matches the walls in the library gloriously though, doesn’t he?

Welcome to the madhouse, Elliot!

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Cat shows and temporary dogs!

No bad news here, just some… interesting times at the Rational Parrot household, which is going to get broken up into some separated posts, only because there is SO MUCH.

Two weekends ago, we went to our first cat show of 2015, and had an amazingly good time. Deuce and Macavity did spectacularly well, Nightfall and Balance were not as successful at winning ribbons, but were extremely successful at the important part, which is doing a cat show without losing her mind. And Youngsmile got to catch up with her fans.

And then, while I was at the cat show, I got an IM from a friend of mine who breeds gorgeous, breathtaking, heart-rendingly wonderful working German shepherds. One of her dogs needed to be collected ASAP, was near to me, and could I go get her?

So I did. And then I flew to Texas for work for a week, thus completely abandoning my duties as ‘German shedder carer’.

Bella (that’s the GSD) is the granddaughter of one of my absolute favourite dogs ever, Nike, and we talked very seriously about possibly keeping her, but she’s extremely herdy with cats, and that’s just not something we can deal with now.

We get to hold onto her for a bit longer and then she’ll head off to a new home. In the meantime, we’re dealing with a bunch of cats and a dog who isn’t okay with them, and it’s very, very interesting.

She is, however, extremely good with other dogs, as you can see.

And quite good at looking depressed about having to stay in one place.

Noire is in LOVE with her, and would like to play with her all the time… if only it weren’t so cold outside.

Balance thinks she’s okay, but only okay, and she stares a little too much, and wants to make him move around.

She is so, so pretty though.

And pretty tolerant of people being weird at her.

Here’s where I pause to insert my official comments on a couple of things. One of the most important parts of buying a dog from a responsible breeder is that the dog has a safety net. Bella is in the process of finding a new home (which will be extremely easy because she is so, so, so sweet and good tempered, just not a great match for a house full of OSHes), and will always have someone to watch over her. Christine’s dog needed somewhere to go, and she moved heaven and earth to find someone who could do so quickly — because she cares.

If more people took that level of responsibility for the lives they bring into the world, there would be a hell of a lot fewer rescue dogs and cats around. Just something to keep in mind.

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All kittens all the time!

It’s been a little over a week since the glorious day that we brought home Balance, Camouflage, and Nightfall, and we’re getting to know their personalities as well as integrating them into the household. It’s a very fun, but somewhat time consuming task.

There’s four different steps to household integration, that generally go in this order.

1) Comfort with the general house. All the kittens took a day or two to be okay with the space of the house, with walking around through the rooms without hiding, and with being okay with us walking around and making noise. When they’re not free in the house, they stay in our spare room and get lots of cuddles there.

And apparently no matter what we do, all the cats must end up in the sink.

2) Acceptance by household cats.

The first cat we introduce everyone to is Nemo, because Nemo loves all cats in the world. He walks into a room, and kittens and cats of all varieties run over and love him. With his presence alone, he makes kittens relaxed and happy — he’s magical.

Youngsmile is usually cat #2, and as you can see here, disapproves a little of kittens at first.

Brief pause for Zombie Deuce in the warmy bed.

He’s really just not right.

As you can see, the fireplace makes a great place to encourage kittens to cuddle with older cats. Camouflage loves cats and is very pushy about going to say hello, which helps.

Deuce and Macavity are generally okay with new cats after a relatively short time, which leaves… Jelly, aka ‘The Hater’. She’s not the hater because of her opinions on humans, but on cats and dogs. She always spends the first few days pitching gigantic fits about how evil and monstrous these new cats are… and then less than a week later, you find this.

Little goth Camouflage with his eyeliner curled up on Jelly’s hip.

And then there were two. ;)

Jelly actually took the longest to be okay with Balance because Balance is possibly the boldest kitten ever and did not care at all that Jelly made evil noises at him.

I said we were getting to know them too though.

Camouflage has already been nicknamed Squirt because he’s a tiny little cat, but he is SO full of personality. He’s extremely loud, extremely demanding, and full of energy. He can’t sit in someone’s lap for more than a second, and wants to be petted at a run, because he’s got so much to do and so much to explore. He’s also a food hound and would be happier if we’d feed him tasty treats all the time. That expression looks like this.

Balance is exceptionally bold, very, very loving, and more or less loves everything. He’s hard to take pictures of because he spends most of his time in someone’s lap, or running to love someone, or loving on one of the dogs or one of the cats.

Nightfall is the shyest of the three, but is rapidly settling into the house. She is a HUGE lover, and wants nothing more than to be petted while she’s rolling around on the bed. Very, very sweet girl.

And now, considering the cold weather, my life regularly looks like this.

Or like this….

Eventually, when the fireplace is too warm, they ooze away from it slowly.

These three are such wonderful additions to our household, I’m so happy with them.

For the past few nights, the kittens now spend all evening free ranging with the rest of the cats while we sleep, and some of the time during the day. The reason they’re not free all the time is introduction issue #3.

3) Acceptance of dogs.

All three of these cats had a dog at their breeders, but even so, I generally expect that cats take a while to get used to my extremely high energy bouncy, trotting dogs. So far, Camouflage has sniffed at the dogs but is a little worried when they run around, and Nightfall’s very concerned. They’ll take a little longer to get used to them, in smaller doses.

Balance, though… I’ve never, in my entire life, seen a cat who loves dogs so much. He ran up and rubbed against Crow the minute he saw him, and has decided that he has his very own doberman, as you can see.

Noire is slightly concerned about the kitten who wants to touch her all the time, but has settled very quickly into sharing her bed with him.

My doberman. Mine.

He’s okay with sharing his dog with Nemo though.

The last steps in household integration are to get all the kittens okay with the dogs, and then start introducing them to parrots. :) For now, we’re just going to keep taking a ton of pictures of them… and next weekend, Nightfall and Balance go to their first cat show.

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Introducing Balance, Camouflage, and Nightfall… and Practicalcats.

What a long story this one is, touching so many different people. It is, in many ways, the story of how I got involved in cat shows and owning purebred cats, and it’s definitely the story of how we’re moving to the next step.

In March of 2013, a fawn solid boy was born to Siam Jewels, and we started an arrangement with Jessica that he would be bred by her and shown by her… and I caught the show bug something awful. In May of 2014, we brought home Youngsmile, a German import who was being retired. In August of 2014, we brought home Siam Jewels Doppelganger with the same idea as Mac, thus continuing our association with Jessica.

And in summer of 2014, we began another project related to all of those above, one that came to a happy conclusion yesterday. We began talking to Bestcats/Classicoris cattery in Germany about importing a kitten for breeding and showing, and after waiting for the right cat in the right litter, we made arrangements to bring home a kitten.

And, over the next few months, things sort of snowballed…. another gorgeous kitten of the colour that I love most was born, and ended up coming home too. And then, we crossed the line from ‘insane cat show people’ to ‘owning a cattery’ with the final cat, a gorgeous girl that is co-owned with Jessica and will be one of the founding queens of our cattery… which means, sometime later this year, there will probably be kittens. :) And of course, our cattery is Practicalcats, and the new webpage will be up soonish.

Last night, this came to its inevitable result, and we got to take a fun trip to the airport to drive through the darkness into the depths of cargo to collect our new kittens (and two others for friends).

The trip from Germany is significantly less stressful than you’d imagine, as they get to have a stopover in the animal lounge in Frankfurt, and the kittens travel in pairs so they have friends.

For now, let me introduce to you our new friends.

Bestcats Brilliant Balance of Practicalcats is a five month old chestnut solid Oriental shorthair. He was born on my birthday, and is the kitten we’ve been pining over for the past five months. It’s hard to believe he’s actually here now.

He’s a touch on the pudgy side (big boy likes his food!) but will slim down with no issue. As you can see, less than 24 hours after being on an airplane, he’s a very happy boy.

Very, very cuddly, very, very bold and outgoing. I can’t wait to show him, and watch him grow up.

He is a BIG boy, already larger than Macavity, and only five months old.

Our next new friend is Bestcats Cristal Camouflage of Practicalcats, a 3.5 month old seal lynx point with white. His colouring requires some explanation for the non-cat people among us.

Pointed cats (what most people think of as Siamese colouring, like Jelly and Youngsmile) are a form of temperature sensitive albinism. They’re born white (since the uterus is all the same temperature :)) and become darker as they get older. The contrast between their points and their body colour is dependent on their colour. Chocolate cats (that’d be brown in less fancy terms), such as Jelly and Youngsmile, have ivory bodies as adults. Seal cats (black :)) have darker bodies, usually shading to brown, and black points.

Camouflage complicates that even more because he’s ‘with white’, which means that he has random white splotches all over his body and face. Those will stay white, and the rest will darken as he gets older. In his face, all the parts that have pigment will become dark brown tabby. In his body, all the parts that have pigment will become a rich brown.

Right now, he mostly looks white, but you can maybe get an idea of what he will mature into. :)

He’s the sweetest cat, full of purring and love, and very, very cat social. He met Uncle Nemo, whose job it is to socialize kittens, and is so in love with him that he follows him around purring up a storm.

He’s the youngest of the cats we’ve imported, and still the most kittenish in looks, quite obviously when compared to Balance.

And finally, Classicoris Noble Nightfall of Practicalcats is an almost six month old blue classic tabby girl.

She’s a little bit of a scared mouse in this picture, but it’s one of the few in focus, because she spends most of her time having love crisis and being petted.

She’s not as enthused by the other cats as Balance and Camouflage are, but is VERY happy with people and love and also the warmy bed.

Because Nightfall is an intact girl, and we have a household full of boys, she will likely spend a few months staying with Jessica once she begins going into heat regularly, and then will come back here to make kittens.

And if you’re wondering how the rest of the house is doing… Nemo is in love with new kittens (as he always is, he’s astonishingly good with new cats), Macavity is pretty sure he disapproves, Youngsmile is mildly irritated, Deuce hasn’t had the opportunity to see anyone else yet, and Jelly has pitched such a royal fit of hatred at the very smell of the new cats (we do call her the hater for a reason) that she spent the night in the bathroom because she was beating up all the other cats that she usually lives with happily. I’d be concerned… but she always does this, and will be fine in two weeks. ;)

And there you have it! The news of the day, and a household full of cats!

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Day to day living… with comments!

Hi all! Quick website functionality note: if you’ve tried to use comments previously and they didn’t work, try again. They probably work now. :)

Onto what you’re all really here for — pictures, stories, and life.

Life with five relatively young cats continues to be an interesting place. Deuce is growing up to be a beautiful cat, who structurally resembles Jelly so much it’s uncanny. Of course, they are half-siblings. :) His first cat show as an adult will be in February of this year.

He’s still not old enough to drink though, which doesn’t stop him from occupying liquor store bags.

Another place he regularly occupies, much to my dismay, is the kitchen sink. This beautiful habit I blame ENTIRELY on Youngsmile, who also loves to be a sink cat. Deuce doesn’t care that I’m displeased by this.

He’s slowly but surely growing into the weirdly proportioned body that adolescent boycats seem to get, and his head mostly fits his body. Most of the time.

At least his head is pretty! I am a sucker for pretty heads on cats.

The heated cat bed is still a major, major love of the cats, likely at least partially related to the fact that winter has come with a vengeance. It is cold and snowy and windy and miserable outside, and the cats are very, very happy to be indoor creatures.

Deuce is making disapproving ears, likely due to the presence of a doberman.

When he’s not doing disapproving ears, he’s usually curled up with his sister and frequently also Mac.

Or in some other awkward position.

One of the other things we’ve been doing this winter is working on various places in the house. One of the most re-done rooms of late is the library, which has gotten painted, new furniture, and a ton of pillows made.

Also a poodle.

I saw him in there, told him to stay, and went to fetch the camera.

Crow is amazing, because you point the camera at him, and he immediately looks noble, elegant, and loyal, the perfect dog.

Is this my good side?

Or this?

When Crow was done posing, I told Noire to get up on the daybed. She looks… less noble, and way, way, way more tragic. How could I be so abusive to dobermans as to ask them to get on a comfortable piece of furniture and have her picture taken? I am an awful dog owner.

I am also an awful parrot owner. For example, while Keela and Cin were hanging out next to each other, pinning eyes and making clacking noises (and Cin called her Noire in a disapproving voice a bunch of times), I took pictures.

While that was going on, I felt a tug at the hood of my sweatshirt, turned around, and found Mr. ‘You Taught Me to Wave Now Give Me A Treat’ behind me.

Frequently, while I’m working, I get to also spend time letting a certain tiny grey look at the internet from her usual perch.

She loves to stare over my shoulder at the laptop screen, particularly if I’m watching TV or playing a game.

The other downside to working from home with parrots is that sometimes, you’re sitting there, minding your own business, and you hear what sounds like the creepiest serial killer ever whispering ‘Hi.’ from the floor. You look down and see this…. an act of floorcawing.

Then she accosts the camera person to creepily ‘Hi’ at them too.

Before returning to me, foot hopefully raised for me to collect her, which I did, of course.

We’ve owned Tlalli just over a year, and her behaviour of climbing down to the floor has been modified from chasing people to coming to be picked up, thanks to positive reinforcement for the right behaviours. She’s also working on learning how to fly, and did her first point to point flights from one person to the other on New Year’s Day. Her landing is still extremely shaky, but we’re getting somewhere!

The most interesting thing that’s happened of late, though, is with Theo. We brought home Theo in May of 2004, nearly 11 years ago. He is 25 years old. He and Tlalli moved into the big cage together in October of this year, and since that time he’s become more social and more willing to come out. And as of a few days ago, he’s beginning to try to speak, all because of the big red chicken.

I hope your new year is ending up as awesome as mine is! 2015 is a year that already has some big, big plans taking place, and a lot of fun things will happen… and a lot of simple, happy, day to day life too.

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