Vacation: Visiting the Manor (part 4)

And, with this, we wrap up the final bits of vacation pictures!

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Vacation: Visiting the Manor! (part 3)

After being fully puppied out, Crow and I gathered up ourselves and drove over to the Manor of Mixed Blessings to look at goats and chickens and such.

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Vacation, Part 2

This is part two of the dog-focused vacation pictures. After this comes goats and chickens!

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Last week, I packed up myself and my poodle, and we headed out to the wilds of northern Virginia to visit Blackthorn GSDs and The Manor of Mixed Blessings, and also puppies and goats.

Despite having a herniated lumbar disc and a thrilling limp, Crow and I managed the twelve hour drive pretty well. Crow’s a fantastic passenger, and slept in the crate, and got to pee in three new states, bringing his lifetime total of places visited to two Canadian territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories), five provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario), and five US states (Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia).

Crow found all the dogs more than a little stressful at first, but settled in pretty good over the few days we were there. He thought the Lady of the Manor was quite delightful after she sat and petted him for the better part of an hour. He barked at chickens and goats, wandered around off leash, and played Country Poodle rather than City Poodle for a few days.

And he got painted green. That’s typical right?

And of course, there are pictures.

I entitle this post: Dogs, lots and lots of dogs (part 1)

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Chipotle, ??? – June 23, 2012

I’ve been putting this post off all week, as if by not writing it I could deny that it was true. Unfortunately, there’s still an empty cage in my basement, so it’s still real.

Chipotle, the crimson bellied conure that we rescued from a life of neglect and malnutrition, died last Saturday. After owning him for over a year, his feathers never improved, despite a good diet and clean bloodwork. We assumed it was probably follicle damage, but it might have been an underlying illness that we didn’t discover. There’s no way of knowing now.

He suffered from what seemed like a stroke late Saturday night, and died an hour later. He’s buried in our yard next to Williams.

If nothing else, he had a good life for the year he was with us. He had good food, toys to play with, a large cage that he could move around in well, and friends to scream at. I wish I could have given him more, but that wasn’t to be.

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It’s tough to be a kitten!

So, you should really make sure that when one of your people gets home, you make sure she knows how hard your day is, and carries you around like a baby.

Oriental shorthair being carried.

You should explain how your day went (he’s about to meow here).

Oriental shorthair being carried.

And then snuggle.

Oriental shorthair being carried.

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Garden update, June 9, 2012

It’s kind of a grey day, but the yard is mowed and I’m overdue for my monthly (yes, this is May) garden update. So I snapped a few.

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Yesterday, as part of putting off mowing the lawn (which we did afterwards), we took Skimbleshanks, our year old Oriental Shorthair, out front on a leash. And of course, I brought the camera.

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Reginald, ??? – May 23, 2012

Reggie, our holland lop bunny, passed away today. He’d been slowing down for a while, and finally went peacefully in his sleep.

He was the best rabbit a person could ask for, and he will be sorely missed.

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Cats, cats, cats, cats!

Now here’s your pictures of all the cats. A brief intro for the newbies, from oldest to youngest:

Gypsy, 12+ year old calico female, our only girl, known as Fat Gypsy for years before I finally got her weight under control.
Rufus, 11 year old orange tabby male, one of our two former ferals, friendly with us, not so much with strangers.
Fetch, 11 year old flame point oriental mix male, the other former feral, more friendly with Rufus.
Gus (Asparagus), 9 year old blue and white classic tabby Maine Coon.
Skimble (Skimbleshanks), 1 year old silver spotted tabby Oriental Shorthair.

Now onto the pictures!

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