All the pictures of the year, dog version.

As usual, these days, I’ve got a ton of various pictures on the camera to go through. This is the dog section, which includes First Real Snow Of the Year and Couch Land.

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A soap review!

A little while ago, my buddy Andrea started up a soap and lotion shop called Holy Goats.

Being someone who enjoys soap, I thought I’d try some. However, before that, I want to discuss goats. Andrea is a home dairyer, which means she has goats in her backyard.

I visited there this summer and got to see first hand how her goats are kept. I met Miss May, who is the goat in her logo. I learned important things about how poorly she treats her goats.

As an example, Miss May would like us to know that there are times in every day where people DO NOT PET HER. As you can see, this is offensive.

Also, we do not let goats eat camera straps. That too is offensive and cruel to goats.

Only sometimes do people go out and hold down pine trees for goats to eat.

Baby goats are only occasionally provided with laps to cuddle in.

As you can see, these goats are deeply in need of people to buy soap so that they can have more cookies and more pine trees to eat and more visitors to pet them.

So, now that I’ve told you the torrid stories of the (extremely well cared for and happy) goats, let us talk about soap. The soap in question is glorious.

It smells wonderful, nearly good enough to eat, and it makes my skin beautifully soft. I haven’t gotten the lotion yet, but I’m going to guess it’s quite nice too.

In summary: Buy soap, provide goat cookies, and support a wonderful person who makes some really, really nice soap.

(Also, more goat cookies!)

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Life in the house.

Things are keeping on as they do. Kitten is growing up and becoming a cat. Dogs are being doggy. Birds are being birdy. We got our first trace of snow last night.

And I have a bunch of pictures that I didn’t take off the camera yet again. :)

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Jelly meets more of the house!

We’re generally pretty slow in introducing cats to parrots, for a couple of different reasons. Kittens, particularly, are challenging to have around parrots since they want to play with everything.

Jelly is DECIDEDLY in that phase, and spends 110% of her waking hours racing around the house, attacking other cats, and generally playing with anything not nailed down. It’s a lot of fun, and entertaining to photograph, but not so good in interacting with other animals.

As a quick side note, introducing cats and parrots is something that should be done carefully, as the bacteria that cats have in their mouth and claws can be fatal to birds. I wrote up a bunch about it , which you should read if you’re considering it.

That said, the first parrot we usually throw at the cats is Theo. Theo is our 23 year old blue and gold macaw. He hates cats but won’t generally attack them if they stay away from him.

Before we get to macaw pictures, though, some Jelly playing!

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One month of Jelly.

We’ve had our Siamese kitten for nearly a month now, and she’s settled in wonderfully. She’s loud, demanding, extremely smart, growing like a weed, and everything we expected from her. Also, very, very beautiful.

So, now you get some pictures.

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Over a week of Jelly-ness!

Indeed, our tiny overlord, Princess of all she Surveys has been home over a week. She’s charmed all the cats, taught us her ways, and is even mostly dealing with the dogs. She’s still extremely displeased that she can’t jump on top of the countertop, but she learned today how to get on top of the fish tank, so all is well in the world.

And she is the most delightful, hilarious creature. She’s finally settled into a routine and is eating well and seems to be getting bigger all the time. We allow her full access to the house at night (while the dogs are locked up) and are doing supervised access while the dogs are around.

But, you’re all here for one thing, and thus you will get it: pictures. :)

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Welcome home, Jellycat!

Last night, after work, we went off to collect Jellylorum from her breeder. After a good long while of talking, she came home, and was petted and loved on before she was tucked in to sleep in the spare room.

This morning, I woke up and checked on her, and she was pretty unhappy with the setup. She hadn’t eaten or used the litter box because she was Alone and Sad. I gave her some canned food, which she ate as long as she had company, and encouraged her to explore some. Then, after a while of that, we tossed her into the cat room, and she was so, so, so much happier. She loves people, loves laps, but she is absolutely also a cat cat, and she needs company and friends. She’ll likely sleep with the others tonight, and stay in the cat room (with the door shut) while we’re gone. We’re not quite ready to leave a 2.5 pound kitten alone with the galloping dogs. :)

Skimble is the least welcoming, and by that, I mean, he hissed at her once and is curious but doesn’t want her in his face. Gus doesn’t care, Gypsy is certain she’s collected a new kitten, and Fetch is sort of perplexed.

Either way, I know you came for the pictures, so here you go.

(Warning, one picture involves a mug with a bad word on it. :))

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Rufus, Summer 2001 – September 5, 2012

Eleven years ago, I found this website Couch Tigers and discovered the pictures of two adorable former feral kittens. I spent six months trying to convince myself that I didn’t need two more cats (which would put the household number at five), and failed miserably.

On May 16, 2002, Rufus and Fetch came home.

Yesterday, when we woke up, Rufus was dead from an apparent seizure. He was never truly tame, but he loved me, and I loved him back. I’ll miss him.

It’s been a rough, rough year for deaths, with Williams, Chipotle, Reggie, and now Rufus. I’m ready for it to be done.

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More animal abuse!

I’ve completely forgotten to post these pictures, but they’re still amusing, even if they’re older. We had some ribbon, and well, we did what everyone does with ribbon, and immediately applied it to animals. That’s normal, right?

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Good news, bad news, cat news!

The ‘bad’ news first (which isn’t really bad). Gypsy, our 12+ year old calico cat, who has been fat her entire life has shifted all of a sudden into a walking, talking, screaming bag of bones and raging appetite. I’ve got enough vet knowledge to know what it means when an older cat suddenly loses weight while trying to eat the world, so off we went to get her thyroid checked.

To no one’s surprise, she’s hyperthyroid, and we started on pills a few days ago. Hopefully she’ll turn back into her usual (though not fat :)) self, and stop stealing all the food in the universe. :)

Now the good news. Last weekend, we went to the Canadian National Exhibition, and one of the things we did was attend the cat show. There, we met Jessica from Siam Jewels Cattery, who I had been stalking online for some time. We made plans to go over to her house today and meet her available kittens.

I’d like to officially introduce Jellylorum, a three month old chocolate point modern Siamese, who will be coming to live with us in roughly two weeks.

Small siamese kitten.

More (bad iPhone) pics behind the cut.

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