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Introducing Growltiger.

GROWLTIGER was a Bravo Cat, who lived upon a barge; In fact he was the roughest cat that ever roamed at large. From Gravesend up to Oxford he pursued his evil aims, Rejoicing in his title of, ‘The Terror of … Continue reading

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Sexycat needs a home!

Sorry for the radio silence — I’ve got a post I’m working on but they’re not up yet. :) For the meantime though… Please share widely — a 10 year old cat is often challenging to rehome, and the more … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! Webpage updated!

Hello all! I decided, over the past few days, to do some major updates on the rational parrot webpage. The following new pages have been added: Toys: Why they’re important, where to get them, and how to teach parrots to … Continue reading

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Introducing Deuce.

Let me introduce you to Siam Jewels Doppelganger, hereafter known as Deuce. He is four months old, and the half-sibling of Jelly. Anyone surprised from that last post? Nope, didn’t think so. We went to the cat show on Saturday, … Continue reading

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Diet page updated!

Quick note. I’ve updated the Rational Parrot Page on Diet, which you can find here: New details include discussion of mash diets (including chop), fixing links, and updating how I feed my parrots.

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Welcome Redditors!

Hiya people from Reddit, and welcome. That was a nice surprise, to find my post shared there. Hope you enjoy and stay around as long as you’d like. Have a macaw eating an (empty) box of Girl Guide cookies as … Continue reading

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The Ice Storm.

Just before Christmas, Toronto was hit with nearly 36 hours of freezing rain, which did a horrific amount of damage to trees, cut power for almost everyone, and made the entire world into an ice skating rink. We didn’t have … Continue reading

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Surgery went fine.

I’m home, doing well, somewhat sore, and very tired, but in one piece. More details later, just wanted people to be updated.

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Little bird pictures!

Tonight, I finally managed to make it off the couch and spent some time rearranging cages. The pyrrhuras’ cage needed some work now that there were two of them, Radish’s cage wasn’t set up well for his way of moving … Continue reading

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Cat play, dog play, play play.

Our household, particularly the trio of Orientals, deem that they should spend at minimum fourteen thousand hours a day playing with each other. The rest of the time should be spent attempting to fit in my lap, having love crisises … Continue reading

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