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The swing has been a huge hit.

The kitchen swing has been so much of a hit that we’re adding another one which is being drilled and crafted as we speak. Of course, we still lack hooks to hang it up, but I’m sure we can manage … Continue reading

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Introducing Cody!

As I had mentioned in a few previous posts, we’ve been keeping an eye out for a few specific species around as companions both for us and for the parrots we currently have. Thus, Tlalli came home, and then Keela. … Continue reading

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What does it actually look like, living with so many pets?

Thanks to a great deal of environmental arrangements and training, all of my ‘free-range’ type pets are generally okay with each other. By free-range, I mean those who get free time in some part of the household. Not, for example, … Continue reading

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A big day!

Every time I bring home a new parrot, I keep him or her separated from the rest of the house until we’ve gone to the vet. While we’re at the vet, I do wellness bloodwork and a fecal to get … Continue reading

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The caws share a cage!

This one’s been a long time coming. Three years ago, I brought home a baby scarlet macaw. One of my goals with said baby macaw was that he could live as a companion with my blue and gold macaw. (Hardly … Continue reading

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