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High Tea (April 3rd, 2003 – December 3rd, 2014)

In June of 2003, we went to Petsmart to buy food for my small herd of cats. There, we saw this small, ridiculously coloured little parrot. I read the label under his cage and discovered he was a sun conure. … Continue reading

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The little birds get some photo time!

Life here has been crazier than usual thanks to two trips and a bunch of job stuff on my part. Now that things are shifting back into normal, I’m working on catching up on some of the fun things that … Continue reading

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Controversies: Where to get parrots from?

I’ve spent the past many years heavily involved with animals, and I’ve tended towards groups of people online who share my philosophies. Once I started using Facebook a little more and headed out and about in Ontario, I’ve been reminded … Continue reading

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Why you probably don’t want a parrot as a pet.

Since I have a handful of pictures, but not enough for an interesting post, I’m going to intersperse them with some educational text. I post a lot of pictures, pictures of parrots, and of cats, and of dogs. I tell … Continue reading

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Little bird pictures!

Tonight, I finally managed to make it off the couch and spent some time rearranging cages. The pyrrhuras’ cage needed some work now that there were two of them, Radish’s cage wasn’t set up well for his way of moving … Continue reading

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Radish and Artichoke join the rest of the house!

Thankfully, before my hands fall off (though Holy Goats’ lotion helps immensely), Radish and Artichoke have been pronounced free of SPED (small parrot exploding disease. ;)) and all other contagions, and can now join the rest of the parrots downstairs. … Continue reading

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A glimpse into my life…

This will be, as so many of my posts are, a random assortment of images that I’ve collected over the past few weeks. A little bit of beauty to start, a side effect of one of my many hobbies: gardening.

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