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Chipotle, ??? – June 23, 2012

I’ve been putting this post off all week, as if by not writing it I could deny that it was true. Unfortunately, there’s still an empty cage in my basement, so it’s still real. Chipotle, the crimson bellied conure that … Continue reading

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A glimpse into my life…

This will be, as so many of my posts are, a random assortment of images that I’ve collected over the past few weeks. A little bit of beauty to start, a side effect of one of my many hobbies: gardening.

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Meet my parrots: Chipotle

This story starts a while ago — years, in fact. In 2003, we purchased a pair of green cheek conures, one a turquoise male, one a cinnamon turquoise hen. They were pets and a very bonded pair. Unfortunately, in 2008, … Continue reading

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