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Assorted Random Pictures from September!

Yeah, that’s how far behind I am. But hey, I do have some pictures, so that’s a start, right? There are SO MANY more, but there’s a limit to what I can get accomplished in one day. Maybe more tomorrow! … Continue reading

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Updates, after falling off the face of the planet.

So many things have happened in the past *sigh* two months since I’ve updated this. I’m going to summarize and then start trying to go through the various and sundry pictures I have. Parrots: Strawberry is a boy bird, and … Continue reading

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Communal Housing Part 3: The science

This is going to be a shorter post simply because there’s just not that much research out there on the subject of parrots kept in isolation vs those kept with other members of their species. The few pieces that are … Continue reading

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Introducing Strawberry…

As the previous posts on communal housing make pretty clear, I’m a big fan of having at least two parrots of each genus or species in my household, and if possible, housing them together. When I brought home my first … Continue reading

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Communal Housing 2: Parrots like other parrots.

This is part 2 of a multi-part series. Part 1 is here. This post is significantly more personal observation based than the previous one. If you own parrots, I have a challenge for you. I want you to try to … Continue reading

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Communal Housing 1: Parrots Like People

As the title will hopefully show, this is the beginnings of a series of writings that will eventually be collated into a single page on the rational parrot page. However, I’m not currently in a mental or physical state to … Continue reading

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Macaw update all filled with pictures.

April 30th was Tlalli’s 7th birthday. May 4th was Theo’s 11th gotcha day, meaning we’ve been putting up with the big cranky for well over a decade. :) Tlalli has been joining us at the York Region Parrot Club meetings … Continue reading

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Meet the grey palace (and the continued amazement of co-housing parrots)

One day, I will write up an entire post on why I’m working towards housing parrots together. In the short term, this Youtube link from Natural Inspirations Parrot Cages makes a whole lot of my points for me (although I … Continue reading

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Introducing Elliot!

Boy, this one is overdue. Told you I had a lot of blog to write. I have been to a number of parrot club meetings over the years, and have never once found one that met all my requirements. The … Continue reading

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Day to day living… with comments!

Hi all! Quick website functionality note: if you’ve tried to use comments previously and they didn’t work, try again. They probably work now. :) Onto what you’re all really here for — pictures, stories, and life. Life with five relatively … Continue reading

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