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Updates, after falling off the face of the planet.

So many things have happened in the past *sigh* two months since I’ve updated this. I’m going to summarize and then start trying to go through the various and sundry pictures I have. Parrots: Strawberry is a boy bird, and … Continue reading

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Noire’s chocolate and pill popping party and random updates.

First, as you may have noticed, the All Feral Kittens All The Time party has ended. This is because they have gone to a new house, where they are loved and adored, which is the best way for those stories … Continue reading

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All the bad posts, then tons of pictures.

On June of 2012, I herniated a disc in my back, which left me with a major limp, leg weakness, and numbness in my left leg. After months of physiotherapy, I got about 90% of the functionality back, and continued … Continue reading

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