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Y is too easy.

This is probably going to be the final ‘Official Cat Introduction’ update because Y is simply too easy. We’ve had her eight days, and she’s handled everything we’ve thrown at her and then some. She ignores the parrots, she’s met … Continue reading

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Oh, right, pictures.

Hi all! Sorry for falling down on the posting of zoo pictures for the past bit. I will make up for it with tons and tons and tons of pictures now, and undoubtedly more soon. This weekend, Mac and Jelly … Continue reading

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What does it actually look like, living with so many pets?

Thanks to a great deal of environmental arrangements and training, all of my ‘free-range’ type pets are generally okay with each other. By free-range, I mean those who get free time in some part of the household. Not, for example, … Continue reading

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Mostly cats!

It’s apparently been forever since I’ve updated. Life has been more or less exactly the same — laying on the couch, waiting for surgery. Thankfully, I’m going to get fixed on Friday, so we’re almost there. Tons of random pictures … Continue reading

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Cat play, dog play, play play.

Our household, particularly the trio of Orientals, deem that they should spend at minimum fourteen thousand hours a day playing with each other. The rest of the time should be spent attempting to fit in my lap, having love crisises … Continue reading

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Meet Nemo.

After conversing with Skimble’s breeder after his death, we took a look at their webpage… and saw this. Nemo is a five month old cream mackerel tabby born from Skimble’s half-brother (who is a drop dead gorgeous cat, just over … Continue reading

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A happy update for once.

Which is good, because this place has been depressing of late. First, the update that I know people care about, without pictures, alas. Crow is doing exceptionally well. He’s acting like himself, eating well (although he thinks the special low … Continue reading

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When it rains, it pours.

I was clearly a very, very bad person in a previous life. That is the only way to explain the past 30 days. First Gus, then Skimble, now this. We came remarkably close to never being able to post this … Continue reading

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Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!

I love that title. I’m sure I’ve used it a thousand times over the years. Still, that is indeed what you’ll find behind the link. Cats, dogs, together! The players, as usual: Charlotte, ancient female German shedder. Crow, 7 year … Continue reading

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All the pictures of the year, Cats in Baskets Edition.

I joked, after looking at these, that I probably could make a calendar entitled ‘365 days of cats in baskets’. Apparently, I take a phenomenal number of pictures of that. Or, there are several baskets in my house that can … Continue reading

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