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It’s tough to be a kitten!

So, you should really make sure that when one of your people gets home, you make sure she knows how hard your day is, and carries you around like a baby. You should explain how your day went (he’s about … Continue reading

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Yesterday, as part of putting off mowing the lawn (which we did afterwards), we took Skimbleshanks, our year old Oriental Shorthair, out front on a leash. And of course, I brought the camera.

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Cats, cats, cats, cats!

Now here’s your pictures of all the cats. A brief intro for the newbies, from oldest to youngest: Gypsy, 12+ year old calico female, our only girl, known as Fat Gypsy for years before I finally got her weight under … Continue reading

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Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

Cast of Characters: Gus, 8 year old Maine Coon Skimble, 11 month old Oriental shorthair Charlotte, ancient German shepherd (possibly mix) Crow, 6 year old standard poodle Noire, 4 year old doberman pinscher Last time I posted, people marvelled at … Continue reading

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His Excellency

Skimbleshanks, our now ten month old Oriental shorthair, has settled in nicely, and continues to show that he’s got four or five cats’ worth of personality shoved into one smallish elegant form. In addition to his obvious nickname (Skimble), he’s … Continue reading

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A glimpse into my life…

This will be, as so many of my posts are, a random assortment of images that I’ve collected over the past few weeks. A little bit of beauty to start, a side effect of one of my many hobbies: gardening.

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