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The Random Picture Post of New Camera.

When one gets a new camera, one takes random pictures. These are them. :) There are parrots. There are cats. There may even be a fish. Cin thinks the new camera is VERY sexy. He’s disapproving, but that’s sort of … Continue reading

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Cat beauty shots!

Thanks to a new camera, there will suddenly be a ton of interesting pictures again. One of the things we’ve wanted to do lately is get some good pictures of our cats, most specifically Macavity. Some of you may recall … Continue reading

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Cat Show Weekend!

As most of you know, I own a number of cats. Three of them are purebred Oriental Shorthairs, one of which is being used for breeding by his breeder. As part of the process that started with me getting an … Continue reading

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Spring may actually be here!

The weather is finally improving, our crocuses are blooming in the front yard, and of a sudden, all the parrots are nesty and molting like crazy. Fun times! We’re also rapidly approaching the Day of Macaw Cohabitation. Theo and Tlalli … Continue reading

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Controversies: Baby vs adult

Since the first post on where you can get parrots from got so long, I’ve split the second thought on bringing home a parrot into a separate post. When a person brings home a parrot, they can either get a … Continue reading

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Diet page updated!

Quick note. I’ve updated the Rational Parrot Page on Diet, which you can find here: New details include discussion of mash diets (including chop), fixing links, and updating how I feed my parrots.

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Orbit arrived!

Last week, a very large box from the US arrived for me, containing one Jumbo Orbit from Mother Pluckin’ Bird Toys. We have two of their atoms (a large and a jumbo, if I recall), and they’re absolutely awesome. The … Continue reading

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Controversies: Where to get parrots from?

I’ve spent the past many years heavily involved with animals, and I’ve tended towards groups of people online who share my philosophies. Once I started using Facebook a little more and headed out and about in Ontario, I’ve been reminded … Continue reading

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Goals updated!

About a month ago, I wrote up a post about my various parrot related goals, which can be found here. I’m going to keep updating these roughly monthly to show how things are going and to let people get a … Continue reading

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Welcome Redditors!

Hiya people from Reddit, and welcome. That was a nice surprise, to find my post shared there. Hope you enjoy and stay around as long as you’d like. Have a macaw eating an (empty) box of Girl Guide cookies as … Continue reading

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