Updates, after falling off the face of the planet.

So many things have happened in the past *sigh* two months since I’ve updated this. I’m going to summarize and then start trying to go through the various and sundry pictures I have.


Strawberry is a boy bird, and is very happily living with Radish, and being red heads together.

Everyone else is still doing wonderfully, eating up a storm, playing up a storm, talking up a storm.

Got a new Austin Air Purifier which I freaking love to death.

Got a new Java tree for the macaws (mostly) to hang out on upstairs, which is also super awesome and they love it.

Have most of a post written about co-housing, but need pictures and things, and to edit more, so it’ll come soonish.

Going to Canadian Parrot Conference next month — come say hi if you see me!


Crow turned 10.

Noire turned 8.

I don’t understand how my puppies have gotten this old. Thankfully, they also don’t understand it, and still act like they’re young dogs.


New/old breeding cats, Flare and Parfait, who have been here for several months now. Details on them on the practicalcats webpage — http://practicalcats.ca/queens.html

Had what we thought would be three (one not entirely planned) litters of kittens collapse into one litter of kittens and two false pregnancies. First kittens are due around November 10th.

Currently in the end of the cat shows for the year, with two potentially nationally winning cats (Flare and Youngsmile), which is awesome.

Next post will have more cat news, because he deserves his own post.


Insanely busy (and very happy) with work.

Dealing with some physical things that seem to be fixing themselves.

Could use some more sleep and at least six extra hours in the day.

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