Assorted Random Pictures from September!

Yeah, that’s how far behind I am. But hey, I do have some pictures, so that’s a start, right?

There are SO MANY more, but there’s a limit to what I can get accomplished in one day. Maybe more tomorrow!

As the fall has shifted into winter, we officially have turned the heated cat bed back on, and cats have returned to piling on warm things.

(Mac, Nemo, Nightfall, and Mister)

Or trying to squish themselves into beds.

(Mac, Youngsmile, and little Ms Flare).

Or pile upon the dishwasher.

(Nemo, Balance, Mac, Youngsmile, Mister, Squirt)

This little kitten is one of the most amazing additions to our household. Flare is a seal tortie point colourpoint shorthair and is currently tearing up the show rings in Canada, and has already won our hearts (and likely a permanent place in the household). She is astonishingly bold, just fiery enough to be entertaining, and ever so sweet.

She’s also super long and super kitteny.

And obviously very photogenic, even when sleepy.

I love her crazy blaze.

And her beautiful head.

And the fact that she too has created this picture. I think we have at least 4 or 5 versions of this. Yes, her eyes are really that blue.

She loves her Uncle Nemo too, as everyone else does. Nemo continues to be the most important and most wonderful cat ever.

We also have twins atop the microwave (who are, in fact, at least a little bit related).

Mister’s becoming an actual cat as well, even with the fake pregnancy.

She’s long and yawny and likes Macavity quite a bit.

This slightly blurry cat is SiamJewels Parfait, who is currently ridiculously, over the top pregnant with Balance’s first kittens. In this picture, she’s only a little pregnant. :)

She is also Jellylorum’s litter mate. :) Jelly got all the balls in that litter (even from the other boys, I fear) but Parfait’s very pretty and sweet, so that’s a good start.

Last but not least, Camouflage is finally growing up. He’ll get to hopefully actually make kittens with Mister in a month or two.

There you go! Cat pictures! And….

The macaws showing off their new playstand.

And finally, two dogs and a tinycat.

Tah-dah! September!

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  1. PinkDagger says:

    Totally random and very very belated, but do you still have any of your rescue/ex-feral cats? Ever since the decline of LJ, I’ve been wondering about cats like Fetch and – of course – your flock!

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