Pause for picture dump!

Yeah, it’s been forever since I posted pictures again. This set will be all cat pictures, because there are so many.

Orientals are definitely not cats who enjoy cuddling together.

Their eye colour is so beautiful, it’s almost unreal.

Sometimes, you need to stop and smell the roses. Upside down. Because you’re Balance.

Space Monkey thinks hanging out on a harness is pretty okay.

I love him so much.

Wait? What did you say? I have dubious ears?

Four little Orientals, all in a row, on a hot July day.

I love Nightfall’s head so much. I cannot wait to meet her kittens — we’ll be hopefully breeding her in the next four to six weeks, depending on when she goes into heat. :)

She’s not actually sure how she feels about that subject (but definitely thinks Mac makes a good head rest).

And this creature, oh man. I am a sucker for pretty heads, and Mister has one in spades. She’s not going to be making babies until later this year. She’s off to her second show as a kitten next weekend.

I love her so much. Such a great little kitten, if you ignore the fact that she’s the most demanding creature that has EVER EXISTED.

One small piece of a cat pile. Stripey is almost always squished under things.

Just a small cat pile rearrangement.

Squirt is growing up to be such a beautiful cat. He and Mister are hopefully going to have some very pretty babies this winter. :)

One cat missing from the cat pile, and that’s the Hater, who was on her throne in the library. For all the jokes about her nickname, I love this cat beyond belief. She is one of the most interesting cats I’ve ever lived with.

She is quiet, even demure, as she moves through the world, and yet everything and everyone gets out of her way. Not a single cat in the household will cross her, the dogs are terrified of her, and when people come to visit, they end up lavishing huge amounts of attention on her and ignoring the other cats… AND SHE MAKES THEM THINK THIS IS ALL THEIR IDEA.

I love the Hater, and I’m very, very glad that she doesn’t actually wish to run the world, because I’m pretty sure she could.

That’s all for cat pictures on this lazy July day!

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