Sexycat needs a home!

Sorry for the radio silence — I’ve got a post I’m working on but they’re not up yet. :) For the meantime though…

Please share widely — a 10 year old cat is often challenging to rehome, and the more people who pass this along, the more likely she can find her new people.

I have a friend who is looking to rehome his adult cat due to some life changes. She’s located in Brampton, Ontario. Here’s his writeup and some pictures.

Her name is Sexycat and she is a 10yr old female calico in perfect health. She has the softest fur and loves to have it stroked while laying in a sunbeam. She is quite intelligent and know several words including “birds”, “what’s this”, “up up” and of course “bang” (she will fall down on her side). Her favorite foods include triple chocolate cookies, ringalos and fresh baked blue berry muffins. When she came into my life she saved me, now where my life is going, I need to save her. Please, help me to give her the home she needs and deserves.

Please contact Nick at barcas03 at yahoo dot com if you’re interested in giving Sexy a home.

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