Six weeks of cat pictures.

From the end of March to the end of April, I was at a cat show almost every weekend. During that time, the posting here fell to nothing, as you can see… but the pictures didn’t stop. This is going to be photo heavy, and by that I mean ‘brace yourself’.

Brief summary of how we ended the cat show year (which ends on April 30th):

Deuce is now Grand Champion SiamJewels Doppelganger.
Nightfall is now Champion ClassicOri’s Noble Nightfall
Macavity is now *brace yourself* Champion and Supreme Master Grand Premier SiamJewels Macavity. He also ended up the 10th best all-breed alter for 2014-2015. :)

Showing won’t start again in any real earnest until July, so now you get to have me update things again. :)

Also, we now have a cattery website — Practical Cats Cattery where you can go and get a cheat sheet of who is who. :)

Nemo loves the cozy cave cat bed we got at one of the shows recently.

All of the boys in the house were having a quorum.

Just about every sunny day involves all the cats in the library soaking up the warmth.

Orientals live in cat piles, and sometimes, cat piles involve cat foot.

Life is not all cats though. Sometimes there are naps in front of the fireplace with dobermans.

The cat piles don’t always look so comfortable for everyone. Poor Youngsmile.

And finally, finally we’ve found it. The holy grail of cat pictures.


Nine cats sounds like so many until you realize they effectively take up about two square feet.

In no way whatsoever does this look comfortable.

It’s a good thing he’s so pretty because he’s also so, so scary.

Admit it. You’re going to have nightmares about this face.

Five points to anyone (who doesn’t breed or show Orientals) who can tell me what these cats have in common. Only these four in my household have or are this thing. :)

Hint: It’s the same thing these two have in common.

Can you spot all nine of them?

Sometimes, when it’s cool again, you need to hang out with your dog. (Mac and Crow)

And of course, we’ve now lived with this creature for six weeks. It feels like so much longer. Mister is turning out to be an utterly gorgeous cat, demanding, sweet, randomly adoring, randomly running.

She also generally looks less evil than these three. Seriously, this picture.

So much better. And yes, their eyes are really that green.

Balance is so gorgeous when you stop to really look at him. In person, he’s usually too busy having love crisis, flopping in your lap, or trying to steal your food. In photos, you can pause and see how lovely he really is.

There are cat beds in nearly every corner of my house, as well as furniture and other things to rest on. And yet, they all seem to want to pile in the same place over and over again.

Sometimes, they just lie on top of each other.

Another day, another game of ‘how many cats can you fit on your kitchen island’.

If only the kitten was visible here, we’d have the full set.

Speaking of the kitten, Mister is growing up to be an utterly gorgeous girl.

And I am absolutely in love with her.

Even if she is the most demanding creature on the planet.

This expression says ‘give me food. Or love. Or food and love.’

You should come rub her fat little belly.

Once, people worshipped cats. Mister believes that would be an excellent habit to start again.

You should also appreciate how fierce she is in attacking the largest and strongest cat in the household.

And last, but most assuredly not least, Nightfall looks on. She is still a little less pushy than, say, Balance, but loves people and loves the other cats and is so, so beautiful.

And that, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else, is the end of the pictures to post!

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