The cat pictures have gotten out of hand again.

This happens with some frequency when I go to a cat show and then get an awful cold and also am lazy.

But I will celebrate by giving you some cat pictures and then in the next post, some news that everyone on Facebook already knows!

This is a picture of Balance and his dogs.

Camouflage and Nightfall like each other quite a bit, and little Squirt is getting bigger!

Sometimes, even Jelly will share the dog bed with Noire, particularly if the fire is on.

Dog love again. Yes, that’s dog slobber on his side. Yes, they really are that insanely cuddly.

As is customary before the cat show, we bathed all the cats, and they all wedged themselves in front of the fire to warm up.

Seven of eight cats.

And here, we have the elusive picture of all eight cats!

Then, we went to a cat show, where Macavity was the big winner of the day, as you can clearly see. There’s another one next weekend, which should be a whole lot of fun.

Nightfall shows off her gorgeous eye colour in the middle of a photo shoot that will show up in the next post.

Squirt has gorgeous eyes too.

And, frankly, everything else too.

I can’t help it, I love this guy.

I give up, this is going to be the entire post of nothing but Camouflage pictures.

Okay, not only. Here’s a picture of what living with Oriental Shorthairs is really like — it’s a shame you miss out on the growling. We saved the beef from him.

I’m going to break this post here, and shift over to enjoying the next post. Hint: It will involve kitten. ;)

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2 Responses to The cat pictures have gotten out of hand again.

  1. Allison says:

    I feel better about our neurotic siamese calico mix (I think she must be a point Siamese mix, because she looks a lot like your point cats, just with more calico colouring, which we’re not even sure of anyways, just a guess). And she is into EVERYTHING. She learned how to open zippers on backpacks. She LOVES anything tomato sauce, leafy greens, chickpeas and other weird things that cats are not supposed to enjoy. I chalked it up to her being a rescue (we got her when she was still very young, still had her milk teeth), but maybe not…. Maybe it’s the Siamese genetics. She talks non-stop… Sadly the comments won’t let me post a picture of her, but she’s got the bat ears (not as big as your kitties!), the beautiful blue eyes, the white/cream base colouring (then a smattering of brown/grey spots and some stripes on her face from the calico mix), the dark paws. We also noticed that she’s been getting darker as she gets older, so next winter we will get her a proper warmy-bed and see if she lightens up again. She’s a sweet girl, so playful even at almost 8! Too bad both of us are allergic to her! :( I’ve learned so much about seal-point Siamese kitties from your posts!!!! :)

    • bloolark says:

      Yeah, I’m afraid to say the ‘into everything’ is part and parcel of the Siamese breed group cats. I’ve got a huge blog post to write eventually on what makes a cat an Oriental or a Siamese or a Colourpoint shorthair (which generally boils down to ‘whatever rules that specific registry uses’), so it’s fine to call any and all cats who are pointed Siameses for most people. :) They all tend to get darker as they get older, because body temperatures drop, but I’m positive that your girl would love a warmy bed. :) And, alas, I’m allergic to cats too, which has clearly not stopped me for most things.

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