Introducing Mister.

“(At least we all heard that somebody purred)
Which is incontestable proof
Of his singular magical powers:
And I have known the family to call
Him in from the garden for hours,
While he was asleep in the hall.
And not long ago this phenomenal Cat
Produced seven kittens right out of a hat!”
— Mr. Mistoffelees, by T.S. Eliot.

Thanks to the last line I quoted above, I have always, always wanted to name a breeding queen Mr. Mistoffelees, called Mister for short. And, thanks to an off hand conversation with our dear friend and cat-enabler, Jessica, a few weeks before we picked up the German kittens, we’ve ended up with exactly that cat.

Meet SiamJewels Mr. Mistoffelees of Practicalcats.

She has the most beautiful blue eyes, great head shape, and seems to be growing nice and long. She’s fourteen weeks old now, and a blue point. We’ve had her a week now. :)

She’s the tiniest peanut of a kitten, but ridiculously brave and bold. She is EXCEEDINGLY demanding and vocal about everything and needs love and food RIGHT NOW. She thinks Noire is pretty okay, and toddles around to explore everything.

She really doesn’t even care that her entire body is the same size as Noire’s head.

She also thinks the other cats are pretty okay. Here, she is becoming a member of the pointed club.

She loves the warmy bed AND her Uncle Nemo, of course.

She also does very nicely in a pile with other cats.

Mac is a good Uncle too.

Such beautiful blue eyes.

A basket of cats.

We took some pictures of all of them today enjoying the sun in the library today.

Squirt took the longest (save for Jelly, who still makes ugly faces at the kitten) to get used to her, but has started soliciting play now.

Yes, he’s so terribly cute.



Having an explore!

Oh Balance looks so lovely in the sun.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is all for now! We are done with new cats until we make some of our own this fall. ;)

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  1. Erin Brown says:

    Your cats are so beautiful. I want to squish them!

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