Cat shows and temporary dogs!

No bad news here, just some… interesting times at the Rational Parrot household, which is going to get broken up into some separated posts, only because there is SO MUCH.

Two weekends ago, we went to our first cat show of 2015, and had an amazingly good time. Deuce and Macavity did spectacularly well, Nightfall and Balance were not as successful at winning ribbons, but were extremely successful at the important part, which is doing a cat show without losing her mind. And Youngsmile got to catch up with her fans.

And then, while I was at the cat show, I got an IM from a friend of mine who breeds gorgeous, breathtaking, heart-rendingly wonderful working German shepherds. One of her dogs needed to be collected ASAP, was near to me, and could I go get her?

So I did. And then I flew to Texas for work for a week, thus completely abandoning my duties as ‘German shedder carer’.

Bella (that’s the GSD) is the granddaughter of one of my absolute favourite dogs ever, Nike, and we talked very seriously about possibly keeping her, but she’s extremely herdy with cats, and that’s just not something we can deal with now.

We get to hold onto her for a bit longer and then she’ll head off to a new home. In the meantime, we’re dealing with a bunch of cats and a dog who isn’t okay with them, and it’s very, very interesting.

She is, however, extremely good with other dogs, as you can see.

And quite good at looking depressed about having to stay in one place.

Noire is in LOVE with her, and would like to play with her all the time… if only it weren’t so cold outside.

Balance thinks she’s okay, but only okay, and she stares a little too much, and wants to make him move around.

She is so, so pretty though.

And pretty tolerant of people being weird at her.

Here’s where I pause to insert my official comments on a couple of things. One of the most important parts of buying a dog from a responsible breeder is that the dog has a safety net. Bella is in the process of finding a new home (which will be extremely easy because she is so, so, so sweet and good tempered, just not a great match for a house full of OSHes), and will always have someone to watch over her. Christine’s dog needed somewhere to go, and she moved heaven and earth to find someone who could do so quickly — because she cares.

If more people took that level of responsibility for the lives they bring into the world, there would be a hell of a lot fewer rescue dogs and cats around. Just something to keep in mind.

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    Not to mention a whole lot of kids better off.

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