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Introducing Mister.

“(At least we all heard that somebody purred) Which is incontestable proof Of his singular magical powers: And I have known the family to call Him in from the garden for hours, While he was asleep in the hall. And … Continue reading

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The cat pictures have gotten out of hand again.

This happens with some frequency when I go to a cat show and then get an awful cold and also am lazy. But I will celebrate by giving you some cat pictures and then in the next post, some news … Continue reading

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Meet the grey palace (and the continued amazement of co-housing parrots)

One day, I will write up an entire post on why I’m working towards housing parrots together. In the short term, this Youtube link from Natural Inspirations Parrot Cages makes a whole lot of my points for me (although I … Continue reading

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The Warmy Bed Saga Part the Somethingth.

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? You knew that the time would come that the kittens would discover the warmy bed, and the crisis would begin. I’m sorry to tell you that the moment has occurred. First, we have … Continue reading

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Introducing Elliot!

Boy, this one is overdue. Told you I had a lot of blog to write. I have been to a number of parrot club meetings over the years, and have never once found one that met all my requirements. The … Continue reading

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Cat shows and temporary dogs!

No bad news here, just some… interesting times at the Rational Parrot household, which is going to get broken up into some separated posts, only because there is SO MUCH. Two weekends ago, we went to our first cat show … Continue reading

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