Introducing Balance, Camouflage, and Nightfall… and Practicalcats.

What a long story this one is, touching so many different people. It is, in many ways, the story of how I got involved in cat shows and owning purebred cats, and it’s definitely the story of how we’re moving to the next step.

In March of 2013, a fawn solid boy was born to Siam Jewels, and we started an arrangement with Jessica that he would be bred by her and shown by her… and I caught the show bug something awful. In May of 2014, we brought home Youngsmile, a German import who was being retired. In August of 2014, we brought home Siam Jewels Doppelganger with the same idea as Mac, thus continuing our association with Jessica.

And in summer of 2014, we began another project related to all of those above, one that came to a happy conclusion yesterday. We began talking to Bestcats/Classicoris cattery in Germany about importing a kitten for breeding and showing, and after waiting for the right cat in the right litter, we made arrangements to bring home a kitten.

And, over the next few months, things sort of snowballed…. another gorgeous kitten of the colour that I love most was born, and ended up coming home too. And then, we crossed the line from ‘insane cat show people’ to ‘owning a cattery’ with the final cat, a gorgeous girl that is co-owned with Jessica and will be one of the founding queens of our cattery… which means, sometime later this year, there will probably be kittens. :) And of course, our cattery is Practicalcats, and the new webpage will be up soonish.

Last night, this came to its inevitable result, and we got to take a fun trip to the airport to drive through the darkness into the depths of cargo to collect our new kittens (and two others for friends).

The trip from Germany is significantly less stressful than you’d imagine, as they get to have a stopover in the animal lounge in Frankfurt, and the kittens travel in pairs so they have friends.

For now, let me introduce to you our new friends.

Bestcats Brilliant Balance of Practicalcats is a five month old chestnut solid Oriental shorthair. He was born on my birthday, and is the kitten we’ve been pining over for the past five months. It’s hard to believe he’s actually here now.

He’s a touch on the pudgy side (big boy likes his food!) but will slim down with no issue. As you can see, less than 24 hours after being on an airplane, he’s a very happy boy.

Very, very cuddly, very, very bold and outgoing. I can’t wait to show him, and watch him grow up.

He is a BIG boy, already larger than Macavity, and only five months old.

Our next new friend is Bestcats Cristal Camouflage of Practicalcats, a 3.5 month old seal lynx point with white. His colouring requires some explanation for the non-cat people among us.

Pointed cats (what most people think of as Siamese colouring, like Jelly and Youngsmile) are a form of temperature sensitive albinism. They’re born white (since the uterus is all the same temperature :)) and become darker as they get older. The contrast between their points and their body colour is dependent on their colour. Chocolate cats (that’d be brown in less fancy terms), such as Jelly and Youngsmile, have ivory bodies as adults. Seal cats (black :)) have darker bodies, usually shading to brown, and black points.

Camouflage complicates that even more because he’s ‘with white’, which means that he has random white splotches all over his body and face. Those will stay white, and the rest will darken as he gets older. In his face, all the parts that have pigment will become dark brown tabby. In his body, all the parts that have pigment will become a rich brown.

Right now, he mostly looks white, but you can maybe get an idea of what he will mature into. :)

He’s the sweetest cat, full of purring and love, and very, very cat social. He met Uncle Nemo, whose job it is to socialize kittens, and is so in love with him that he follows him around purring up a storm.

He’s the youngest of the cats we’ve imported, and still the most kittenish in looks, quite obviously when compared to Balance.

And finally, Classicoris Noble Nightfall of Practicalcats is an almost six month old blue classic tabby girl.

She’s a little bit of a scared mouse in this picture, but it’s one of the few in focus, because she spends most of her time having love crisis and being petted.

She’s not as enthused by the other cats as Balance and Camouflage are, but is VERY happy with people and love and also the warmy bed.

Because Nightfall is an intact girl, and we have a household full of boys, she will likely spend a few months staying with Jessica once she begins going into heat regularly, and then will come back here to make kittens.

And if you’re wondering how the rest of the house is doing… Nemo is in love with new kittens (as he always is, he’s astonishingly good with new cats), Macavity is pretty sure he disapproves, Youngsmile is mildly irritated, Deuce hasn’t had the opportunity to see anyone else yet, and Jelly has pitched such a royal fit of hatred at the very smell of the new cats (we do call her the hater for a reason) that she spent the night in the bathroom because she was beating up all the other cats that she usually lives with happily. I’d be concerned… but she always does this, and will be fine in two weeks. ;)

And there you have it! The news of the day, and a household full of cats!

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