The continued Warmy Bed Saga.

A month ago, we purchased a heated cat bed for our small herd of oriental shorthairs.

And then, there was a sadly foreseen tragedy. The warmy bed had a seam in the foam around the edge, and someone decided to eat a hole in the bed. This may have been related to Deuce’s attempt to bring the warmy bed upstairs, or some other cat’s desire to generally wreak havoc upon our household. Regardless, the warmy bed could not stay as it was.

But once you’ve introduced a warmy bed to your household, it cannot be taken away. That would be cat cruelty. We came up with a short term warmy bed to prevent the cats from mutiny while we designed a new one. It was a basket, with a rug and a towel, but it was not adequate. It was not soft enough, nor big enough, nor warm enough.

We designed a new warmy bed, and debuted it last night. It is a wooden frame with two cushions inside, one of foam, and one pillow like, with a larger heater in between. It may be acceptable.

Nemo demonstrates the general size of the warmy bed.

Which of course does not prevent the chocolate trio from squishing into the corner.

Nemo believes everyone should stop and appreciate his utter awesomeness.

Youngsmile still loves her fake kitten even as Deuce matures.

The pile of cats, save for Nemo.

Youngsmile is ALWAYS squished up somewhere, and Jelly and Deuce are almost always cuddling together. They make a very cute pair.

After a couple of hours of warmy bed availability, I came back to find this. I love Deuce’s half asleep expression, and the fascinating mix of the two chocolate girl’s bodies in the centre.

From a different angle.

I think I could make several dozen blog posts on the different orientations of cats in the warmy bed. This was the next set, four out of five.

Because five was here, in her official place, being the Lap Stripey.

If I don’t post again before then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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2 Responses to The continued Warmy Bed Saga.

  1. Zak says:

    Well of COURSE after you introduce a warmy bed, you cannot take it away! And clearly that hole someone chewed in it was done so to increase warmy efficiency.

    You have the most stunning cats–I cannot get over how majestic they all are. And please tell Nemo he is especially majestic, which I’m sure he already knows. ;)

    • bloolark says:

      Nemo is… maybe not so majestic in person. He’s extremely sweet, he comes to greet everyone at the front door, wends his way around dog legs with great joy, but he’s *whispers* dumb as a post. :)

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