Yup, fell behind on pictures again.

Whee. I’m up to my eyeballs in pictures and have not yet managed to post any of them. Life continues to be fun and exciting, full of rapidly cooling weather, work, cat shows, pet care, and all the rest.

But I do have some excellent pictures to share!

Back in early October, we painted our library and purchased a new day bed and made what is possibly the coziest room ever. Since then, this scene has been re-enacted a few times.

Also this one, which includes all five Orientals, and the forever heat loving doglet.

I love Jelly so much, even when she flops down on my face, and then looks at me perplexedly when I start laughing so hard I am crying.

Then, a couple of weeks later, we went back to a cat show, our last one of the year, and grabbed a few pictures there. Jelly didn’t get to go, thanks to some head scratches, so we brought Mac, Y, and Deuce.

Before the cat show, as usual, cats got bathed and warmed up in front of the fireplace and frantically covered themselves with cat spit again.

Macavity got his second title at this show, making himself now Champion and Premier SiamJewels Macavity.

Deuce also did much, much better and was very calm and well behaved in the ring. He was always thrilled to be handled, but not enthused to be behind bars. Turkey and cheese (one piece before going in, one piece after coming out) made it 100% better. Cheese fixes everything.

Deuce is so pretty. He’s growing up to be a beautiful cat. This was his last show as a kitten, his debut as a Champion will be in February at our next show.

Youngsmile may be almost 5, but she plays with the best of the kittens.

Deuce in his only final of the day, looking noble. Or something.

This is mostly what happens at cat shows — cats snuggling. People constantly ask if Deuce and Youngsmile are mother and son, and are shocked to find out they’re completely unrelated.

And finally, for this picture dump, some random odds and ends.

My typical working environment. (Jelly’s cone is to deal with her head scratching, we’ve finally gotten it under control, but she kept trying to get infected thanks to scratching.)

Doglet is such a sweet, lovely dog, but perhaps not entirely right in the head.

And finally, remember to pack your Good Food wherever you go.


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