The Saga of the Warmy Bed.

There’s a large number of creatures in my household who are very displeased that we live in a cold place. Strangely enough, the generally tropical birds aren’t any of them. However, the cats and the doberman are certain, every time winter comes around, that they’re going to freeze to death instantly in our completely reasonably heated and insulated home.

Noire handles this with a myriad quantity of jackets. The cats, though, they just had to freeze. Until now. We purchased a heated cat bed, and well, you can see how it went over.

We plugged it in (of course we’re giving up kitchen counter space for a heated cat bed, the fact that you would possibly think otherwise is insane), and over the next hour, the quantities of Orientals piling up in the bed was impressive.

First, the girls checked it out to see if it was okay.

A few moments later, I looked over, and our trio of gourmet chocolate truffles (all three of them are genetically chocolate coloured, just with different patterns) had decided it seemed okay.

Deuce has grown a bit too, huh? Wait until you see the end pictures, this was taken at the beginning of the month.

Add in one Macavity (who is, in fact, the greatest fan of the warmy bed, and is almost always in there).

And here you have it, the entire five Oriental cats in our household all crammed into a 20″ in diameter heated cat bed.

Sometimes, the only way you can figure out which part goes with which cat is that they’re all so differently coloured.

Every day, you get a different combination of cats in the bed. This one is missing Youngsmile.

In fact, we have an entire group of pictures of cats without Youngsmile for reasons you will see later. Here, Macavity grooms his buddy.

Everyone sort of looks at the camera.

Deuce still looks like a ridiculous kitten, but he’s growing up.

Sometimes, it’s best to sleep on your sister.

What was Youngsmile doing during all of this? She was assisting us with making pillows for our daybed (the final library update of newly painted room will be posted once we finish making all six pillows. #4 will be done tonight).

She is SO HELPFUL. Also, she turned 5 at the beginning of November. She’s such a great cat, and we’re so happy to have her… most of the time. When you’re trying to sew, and she’s having love crisis, it’s a touch more challenging. At least she’s beautiful. :)

She’s also teaching bad habits to her fake kitten.

Deuce will be seven months old tomorrow, and is coming into his own both physically and in personality. His newest trick is to climb up onto people and begin purring so loudly that you must stop everything and pet him. He doesn’t want to be in laps, he wishes to be carried around and petted and worshipped as is his due.

We oblige, of course.

If you don’t do what he says, he yells at you. (Okay, if you do what he says, he also yells at you. Yelling is not optional with Deuce.)

Good thing he’s so sweet. He’s growing up to be a gorgeous boy too. I can’t wait to return to cat showing in February.

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5 Responses to The Saga of the Warmy Bed.

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  2. Zak says:

    My favorite of all your cats continues to be Youngsmile. There is just something enchanting about her.

  3. Allison says:

    Ah, this reminds me that I need to take pity of our poor Siamese-Calico mix Mexican rescue cat (despite having lived in Canada for 6 winters, she still doesn’t grow an undercoat) and buy her a proper heat item. We use a heating pad buried in a fleece blanket (she doesn’t play with it or has ever chewed cords, thank god), the last heating pad I bought has a stupid auto-shut off, so I need to rectify this. She got REALLY dark this past winter (despite a crazy warm winter on the west coast!). Her calico spots get darker as she gets older too, so I wonder if her calico spots are also subjected to the same heat-sensitive albinoism? I guess we’ll see once she has access to heat 24/7 again. Your cats appear to be loving the bed, squishy squishy cats!! :D

    • bloolark says:

      Most Siamese-type-cats really don’t get undercoats, even in cold places. I’m in Canada too, but the other side. :) If she’s pointed (meaning she has darker body colour on her feet/tail/ears/face), then her entire body will be subjected to the same heat-sensitive albinism. For example, if you look at pictures of Youngsmile, you can see that she has faded body stripes — same thing. All of our cats get visibly darker in the winter, and paler in the summer. Cats also darken as they get older — apparently older cats are less warm than younger ones.

      We’re using reptile heaters as the warmy bits to our beds, and they work pretty well. Also, we have a lot of them around. :)

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