Oh the catting (and okay dogs) we will have!

Hi everyone! Nope, not dead yet. And filled to the brim with posts and pictures to update, just haven’t thanks to shows, life, and other fun things.

This will be the first of three update posts that will come over the next few days. Here, ladies and gents, we have cats, in which I’m afraid Deuce may grow before your eyes. :)

First things first. At our last cat show, Premier Siam Jewels Jellylorum became Grand Premier Siam Jewels Jellylorum, having beat 75 other premiers to her grand title. But no, she’s not done — in the Canadian Cat Association, there are a whole slew of potential title additions: Grand, Double Grand, Master Grand, Supreme Master Grand. I fully intend to show Jelly to Supreme Master Grand Premier, because that is a title that adequately expresses her personality. :)

Here’s a quick cell phone snap from that show, of her with Terry Farrell, one of the judges.

Now, back to the household! These pictures will be roughly in the order I took them, so that you can watch Deuce shift from a 4 month old cat to a 5 month old cat. :)

With one glaring exception, so that I can show off who is who. :)

From October the 1st, the whole lineup of Oriental cats. From left to right:

Ch. Siam Jewels Macavity (aka Mac)
Siam Jewels Doppelganger (aka Deuce)
Just Oriamese Captain Nemo (aka Nemo)
MGCH & Pr. Bestcats Yesterday’s Youngsmile (Stripey, Y, Smiley, other nicknames as needed)
GPR. Siam Jewels Jellylorum (aka Jelly, the Hater).

Yes, they look like this all the time. :)

Using my time machine, back to September and the microwave cats! I assume their constant love of being in the microwave is related to the fact that I frequently cook bacon in there. Or Orientals are just weird. Hard to say.

Now that fall has come (and it’s come with a vengence, it’s cold here!), the fireplace is back in play, and cats (and dogs with no fur) are back in front of it.

I’m working from home these days, which means that generally, any time anyone takes a picture over my shoulder, some cat is in my lap. At present, it’s Macavity. In this picture, it was Deuce, all full of giant ears.

Dogs on couch, one relatively normal (as much as you get if you’re a poodle), one completely not. By the way, during this time of No Pictures, Crow also turned 9, making our two puppies 9 and 7 years old. Hard to believe.

Deuce would like you to know that he’s long, has a spotty belly, and also appreciates heat.

He can almost always be found in some variety of cat pile — with Youngsmile, for example.

Or Y and Nemo (these three together are the three Oriental tabby cats we have — cream mackerel tabby, chestnut silver ticked tabby, and chocolate lynx point).

You might think, ‘Huh, Noire’s face looks a little odd in this picture. Surely it’s just the angle.’ No. Noire decided that after eating an entire pharmacy worth of pills, she would celebrate by eating a wasp. She had a fun day with her face all swollen up. Nemo helped.

Proving that we tend to like animals that are special in some fashion, in the next run of pictures, you may notice that Deuce has a scabby ear. He had a tumble on the stairs and banged himself up a few days ago. He’ll be fine. His brain may not exist, but that’s irrelevant if you’re pretty enough. ;)

In other household news, we painted and furnished our library, which will get its own post with pictures. As part of that furnishing, we bought a daybed to go in there, which is the best place ever to nap with cats, as proven by the next pictures.

Where, you might ask, is Jelly? Jelly was in the kitchen explaining to me that food trumps nap, and that I should share my lunch with her.

Deuce decided that because he had fallen down and hurt himself, he needed some love from his mother, and since she wasn’t there, he’d take his adopted mother, Youngsmile. Yes, he’s trying to nurse. Yes, she let him.

Then they had a cuddle.

In the meantime, Jelly took up one of the intermittent sunbeams and used it to show how beautiful her blue eyes are.

It was a very brief sunbeam, so she’ll just have to settle for being beautiful while cuddling with Mac. (Four cats in this picture, if you can spot them all.)

And… that’s it for now! As you can see, the cats are doing very well. Our final cat show of the year will be in a few weeks, and then we’ll settle in for the winter and re-emerge in February, with Deuce as an adult.

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