Heavily cat centric few days here.

There is, of course, the gloriousness of Deuce, who is sweet, demanding, loud, obnoxious, and all of the wonder of Oriental kittens, with giant ears and a purr so loud you can hear it across the room. He’s living free range in the house now, more or less ignores the dogs, and is generally as wonderful as you can imagine.

There’s another cat around here too that you may recall. Yes, indeed, Macavity is healed up from his neuter and back around the house, a little sex crazed still, but rapidly calming down with the lack of hormones.

The kitten thinks he’s pretty nice.

Yes, my house is filled to overflowing with baskets.

Baskets filled with cats. Mac looks very smug here.

Deuce loves everyone though. Even his evil half-sister.

Photo bomb of ridiculously wet macaw.

Times two!

Back to cats!

Y says she likes the kitten too, but I didn’t get any pictures of them together.

Doglet says she is WAY better than a kitten. Also, we went to the vet for her last checkup today, and she is 100% cured after her pill popping adventure. We are very, very happy with this, and must pause here to note that if anyone’s in the Brampton/Caledon area who needs a great vet, Cheltenham Veterinary Centre is beyond amazing.

Crow says that he didn’t eat any pills, and he needs to go to the groomer, but he still is worth photographing.

Yesterday, I looked up to find this in the cat tree. Can you spot all four? (Hint: Nemo and Jelly on top, Deuce in front, Mac in back).

Number 5 was lap surfing until I rudely got up.

But there are other cats too in this cat centric post. Remember these two? (Hint: They were significantly smaller.)

Yup, our found kitten buddies returned to visit us. Now known as Noir and Rouge, they’re living with some friends not far from us. We took them to the vet to get vaccines, and thus got to visit for a day. (Yes, I know Noir’s eye is squinty — he managed to tear his third eyelid. He’ll be fine, the flap is already mostly removed.)

They are doing so well — they are tame, happy, social and act more or less exactly like cats who are human socialized from birth. Their new people have done wonderfully with them.

They’ve also grown a bit. A touch. At twelve weeks old, they look like this… and they weigh nearly as much combined as Nemo does.

They still love Uncle Nemo though.

They’re not quite as sure how they feel about Uncle Macavity though.

Deuce, though, is POSITIVE how he feels about the kittens… hateful. He’s loved every cat in our house so far, but apparently that only works if they’re Orientals. If they’re strange cats with round heads and short ears, it’s completely not okay.

He’s probably also offended that they’re larger than he is, and six weeks younger.

It was great having them visit, but eight cats in the house was a bit much. :) I’m glad they went back home to their people and their dog.

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