The kittens earn themselves a bit of freedom.

I’ve got a huge post in the works about how I’ve raised these kittens to this point, what steps come next, etc, but it’s still not quite ready.

So instead, you’ll get pictures. I know, I know, it’s so hard for you, but you’ll manage somehow. :)

This is how Red went around for a couple of days — he’d still panic and run for the hills, so we needed the ability to keep him close. Thus the harness. Bonus: He’ll probably walk on a harness better as an adult.

Aunt Y likes the tinycats too. Also, just in case anyone needed a visual difference between a cream tabby (red dilute) and a red tabby, Nemo and Red are demonstrating it for all of you.

Black would like you to know that he’s a fierce tinycat with yogurt on his face, stalking either his brother or Nemo to attack.

Slightly less fierce. Still yogurty.

Then, we learned about climbing cat trees.

And staring off into the distance (at fish). FYI, the white spot on his neck is where he was shaved for his FIV/FeLV blood test, which we’ve been laughing about since.

Then, both kittens were freed and got to explore some. After they went up and down the stairs a few times, they finally ended up in the living room with their aunt and uncle to watch over them.

We will entitle this one — greetings.

Red is so pretty, it’s almost painful.

Also, he’s growing like crazy.

Sometimes, after all the exploring, you need a rest.

Or a play. Hard to tell.

It’s a hard life.

But you know whose life is really hard? Y’s. I know this because I was sitting in a chair a few feet from the kittens, taking gazillions of pictures, and all of a sudden, my view was entirely of a blurry stripey cat.

Y says ‘too many kitten pictures, not enough Y pictures’.

I obliged her.

Then she went back to visiting the tinycattens too.

I walked around a little, and came back to find this.

If that doesn’t make you saw awwww, you may have a cuteness intolerance.

Next up — parrots! Dogs! Maybe even a long post on tinycat taming! Hard to say. :)

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