Noire’s chocolate and pill popping party and random updates.

First, as you may have noticed, the All Feral Kittens All The Time party has ended. This is because they have gone to a new house, where they are loved and adored, which is the best way for those stories to end.

Second, Macavity returned to us after his adventure at his breeders. He came home Saturday night, and went in today to be neutered. Everything went perfectly, his bloodwork was excellent, and now Mac is settling in for his hard life as a pet cat (and probably also a show cat once he heals up).


She’s almost certainly going to be okay.

But the real story of this weekend is Noire’s party. I was out of town last week for work, and when I came home, I left my bag in the front hallway. Inside that bag was a small bag of chocolate (that I had completely forgotten), and a number of pills, including a half-full bottle of ibuprofen liquid-gels, and two prescription medicines.

Sunday, while we were gone, Noire got into that bag, ate all the chocolate, then washed it down with a huge quantity of pills. When we came home, she was barely responsive, stretched out on the couch, and could only lift her head. We flung poor Deuce into an office, found all the empty pill containers that she had gone through, and raced to the emergency vet at 8 pm last night. The vet took one look at her and said that there was a distinct possibility she wouldn’t make it, and then began work to stabilize her and get an idea of what the situation was. I got on the phone with animal poison control to open a case so that they could assist.

The situation was pretty dire. There were three sets of potential issues — acidosis from one of the prescriptions, gastrointestinal tract issues and kidney damage from the ibuprofen. The first two were very likely fixable. The third one was not. The treatment was to fill her full of fluids to help protect her kidneys, feed her activated charcoal to help with any additional toxins, and give her drugs to protect her GI tract, plus bloodwork to check everything.

At one point over night, her temperature dropped to 33.8 C/92.8 F. She spent a large portion of the night under blankets and wrapped up on heating discs (which she loved once she was coherent enough to enjoy them). She suffered from some mild acidosis, but that wasn’t much of an issue. It seems, 24 hours later, that her kidneys may have escaped real damage. However, she almost certainly has some GI bleeding and/or ulcers, which we’re treating with a cornucopia of different drugs.

She spent the night at the ER vet, and the day at our regular vet, and will get to go hang out at our vet tomorrow as well. Tonight, she’s getting to eat food constantly (which she’s thrilled about) and hang out on the couch under a blanket.

It’s been a rough 24 hours, and a very long weekend. Noire will probably be spending her days at the vet for at least the next few, to get more fluids and keep repeating the bloodwork.

And then, I’m hoping her pill popping days are behind her.

For now, she thinks this couch and food thing is okay. And we think it’s pretty okay to have her around still.

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