Life slowly returns to normal.

Which is the polite way of saying you’ll see lots of cat, dog, and parrot pictures in this post.

After five days of hospitalization and one day of at home fluids, Noire’s kidney values have returned to normal. She’s got at least nine lives, that dog. We’ve got one more recheck at the vet next week, but she’s cleared to return to normal life. Pro tip: Avoid having your dog eat pills.

Deuce is settling in nicely, as you will shortly see, and has upgraded to free range of the house save when he’s eating. Macavity is still mostly sequestered (much to his dismay) to help him heal without the helpful licking of his friends. He will probably be coming out to live with the rest tomorrow or Monday.

Now onto pictures!

Playing with Uncle Nemo.

Y does not approve. Deuce does not care.

Oh, what’s this? Not a kitten, but a big flappy bird.

Parrot AND kitten. Kitten thinks parrot is pretty terrifying. I can’t really disagree with that assessment. (Hint: Do not let your cats and parrots interact unless they’ve been introduced and you know what you’re doing. More hints can be found here —My article on living with multiple species of animals)

Parrots are scary, but apparently dobermans are not. We’re three for three in boy cats that love the dogs (and two for two in girl cats who do not).

Who knew parrot swings had so many useful uses? This is how we set up Noire’s fluids, she would lay on the couch while she got filled up.

A shame pictures don’t come with sound tracks.

Nemo says ‘this toy is mine.’

Ahhh, young cats playing. Y is too mature for these shenanigans.

Not like these two hooligans.

Or these three hooligans.

Oh Nemo, it’s a good thing we love you so much, because I’m really not sure you’re right in the head.

The crazy half-siblings.

Most of the pictures of cats playing look a little more like this.

Jelly and her blue, blue eyes watch the ribbon.

Surprise! Macaw!

Also a macaw!

Deuce, Youngsmile, and Nemo’s tail.

We are happy to provide a lap full of cats to any and all visitors and household residents.

I tried so hard to get Youngsmile to look at the camera, but no luck. Two out of three ain’t bad.

Warning, non-obvious needles ahead.

Nemo decided that he really needed to help Noire get her fluids.

So Deuce decided he’d help too.

Thankfully, the fluids are behind us, so we only have usual cat helping happening here! Hopefully, as the next weeks go on, things will get a little more stable and rational here at the rational parrot. And we’ll have the return of Mac to freedom in the house too!

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