Introducing Deuce.

Let me introduce you to Siam Jewels Doppelganger, hereafter known as Deuce. He is four months old, and the half-sibling of Jelly.

Anyone surprised from that last post? Nope, didn’t think so. We went to the cat show on Saturday, and Jessica showed up with this gloriously beautiful, gorgeous, amazingly coloured, super sweet kitten… who she was looking for a breeder home for, who was still available. We waited, politely, to see if one of the Actual Breeders(tm) wanted him, and when she could not have another male, we said ‘OMG US PLEASE’. It was pretty much love at first sight. There may have been bouncing and hand waving. We agreed to keep him intact (just like Macavity) and show him (what a horrible tragedy that will be — he finalled three times in his first show, and he’s really pretty).

Sunday night, he came home with us from the show. His entry into the household was not as smooth as could be desired for reasons that will come in the NEXT entry, but he’s had some time to settle in today. I think he’ll do okay.

Like every cat ever, he’s in love with Uncle Nemo.

And everyone loves the cat tree.

Also snuggling is good. And yes, if you’re thinking that his colour is almost unreal looking, you should see him in person, it’s even more intense.

He’s a chestnut silver ticked tabby. Chestnut is the solid form of chocolate (meaning he’s our THIRD genetically chocolate cat). Silver is essentially a colour inhibitor that removes some or all of the brownness, making them lighter or silvery. He’s a ticked tabby, which means he has tabby stripes on his head and legs, but each hair in his body has multiple bands of colour, giving him that strange agouti look. Abyssinians are also ticked tabbies, and are a very common example.

Here’s another shot of his crazy body colour.

I swear though, Nemo is the most astonishing cat. He simply settles in and loves on any cat that exists, and calms down any cat who is even a little nervous.

Deuce would like you to appreciate his GIANT BAT EARS.

Here is his profile, off set by the beautiful plaid pants of his owner.

The ears! That’s really all I can keep repeating.

A little exploring is good for the soul.

OMG, there’s a DOG outside.

I am not sure I signed up for dogs (even if my breeder has one).

Nemo and Deuce.

Sleepy kitten.

So… now there’s a kitten. :)

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