Cat show!

I have too many things to post, so you’re going to get them in chunks, because that is how this weekend has gone. It’s been… eventful.

Let’s start with this one! We went to a cat show, which is one of the largest of the year, and actually remembered to bring the camera.

You can find a recap of how cat shows in this blog post from April of this year.

This time around, we were showing two cats as neutered purebreds (aka alters) — Premier Siam Jewels Jellylorum and Master Grand Champion Bestcats Yesterday’s Youngsmile, who was starting her second carrier as an alter. Y did, in fact, get her new title, making her the most amazing MGCH. & Pr. Bestcats Yesterday’s Youngsmile.

And… we brought the camera for actual show pictures!

The girls in their show cage. They’re separated, because Jelly is sort of obnoxious when she’s even slightly stressed.

Y would like you to know that no one has ever paid attention to her, which is a blatant lie. Because it was a cat show, her former owners were there, and she spent a huge portion of the show being carried around and cuddled and loved.

Jelly, on the other hand, did not. And she’s very, very happy about that — she is not a huge fan of the giant crowds.

The actual showing process goes like this — each cat has a number. When it’s time for them to be judged, they get called up and put in a cage that has that number listed on top (pink for girls, blue for boys).

There they wait.

Then the judge (in this case, Diane Moreau), takes each cat out and evaluates them against the breed standard. Here, she’s looking at Jelly’s body and tail.

Same with Youngsmile.

Then, the judge hangs ribbons on the cages to signify their picks. (This picture is completely cheating because it was a different ring, but it’s the one I have). Red and green are for best of class (colour and sex), black is best of breed, yellow is second best of breed, and the salmony pinkish one is best champion of breed. In this case, Jelly won.

Actually, in a phenomenal number of cases, Jelly won, she got best of breed six out of eight times.. Once the judge finishes their breed judging, they pick the top ten in each class, and put them in a final. Jelly made it into a record breaking (for me, anyways) 7 out of 8 finals in two days. Youngsmile made 2. (Math tells you that it means that in one final, both cats made it. :))

Placings for Jelly were 2nd, 3rd, 8th twice and 9th three times.
For Y, it was 6th and 9th.

Jelly and Y made up the alter class (neutered purebreds), but since we’re friends with other breeders, we took some pictures of some other classes. :) If any of you want full size pictures of these, just ping me on facebook.

This gorgeous guy is Blaze (Maracai Blaze of Glory of JustOriamese), who belongs to Just Oriamese cattery. JustOriamese is where Nemo and Youngsmile came from.

This girl is Zeena (Zeena of Preciouspoint Bon Voyage, SK) of Preciouspoint cattery

Blaze was not terribly impressed with her.

Zeena all stretched out!

Blaze looks a little like he’s high-fiving the judge.

This lovely guy is Jasper (Argentia Jasper of Preciouspoint) also from Preciouspoint.

Blaze looks pretty smug about winning.

Next up, and honestly the most fun of all classes, is the kitten class. The kittens tend to be a wild party time where they are… not as calm about this all as the adult cats. This oriental kitten class was huge, and it actually got bigger on Sunday (when we didn’t bring the camera) as another kitten became old enough to show.

This beauty is ClassicOri’s Lifelike Latitude, who lives at Preciouspoint as well. She’s an import from Germany from the same cattery as Youngsmile.

This is her and her full sibling, ClassicOri’s Lifelike Linkup, who lives at Siam Jewels. Siam Jewels is responsible for Jelly and Macavity.

This lovely lady is Siam Jewels Maleficent, who is the half-sibling to Jelly (same mother).

This beauty is Siam Jewels Doppelganger (call name Deuce), who is the litter mate of Maleficent. Pay attention, he’ll be important in the future (er, where the future is the next post I write).

Cat shows in a nutshell. Maleficent being judged while Deuce shrieks his head off behind.

Link is so pretty and spotty! The judge here is Elaine Gleason.

Latitude thinks this is pretty okay, the toy bit.

Deuce is getting his profile examined by Elaine.

And his very long stretched out body. He’s a very interesting colour/pattern combination, a chestnut silver ticked tabby. More on that later. ;)

He won, but he’s not sure how he feels about it.

There was one other kitten in the class, but apparently we got no pictures out of it. :)

That’s what it looks like to go to a cat show all day… for about an hour of the total time you’re there. The rest of the time, it looks like playing with kittens (this guy is the litter mate of Deuce and Maleficent, and was cruising for a new home).

And, a few of my facebook snapshots that were particularly entertaining:

Jelly has THINGS TO SAY.

Y is pretty chill about this whole thing.

Link and Jessica playing.

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