A small break from all kittens all the time.

This post includes things that are not kittens. Also some kittens, because that’s just how things go around here.

Not a kitten. Giant dinosaur.

Also not a kitten. Also a giant dinosaur.

Let’s see how your identification abilities are going. Is this a kitten?

Technically, no. Technically, it is two kittens, defying gravity with tiny kitten claws.

Baaaack to dinosaurs. Wet, crazyzon dinosaurs.

Different species of wet crazyzon dinosaur.

Um, Cody, your head is on sideways.

Greys look the most dinosaury of all.

Glamour shot of Red (soon to be Rouge).

The expression on their faces lets me know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I had just let Charlotte inside.

This is my ball. I am neither dinosaur nor tinycat.

What she is is something else entirely. She is now seven. I cannot believe the little puppy that I brought home turned seven this last Sunday.

Still a good, good doglet though.

Neither a doglet, nor a dinosaur, nor a tinycat. Only a Hater.

Lapful of Y and Nemo.

Black is mostly getting over the concept of terrifying giant monsters, which is good, because he’ll be living with a Great Dane.

This cuddling thing may end up to be sort of okay — with one of his new peoples.

Black seems to think it’s okay too.

Feral kittens seem to be okay on this tameness front.

Proof that Black is also a tabby.

Final shot of dinosaur — Ky flew over to Tlalli’s stand and decreed that it was just the right size for her.

That’s all the photos for now! Tinycats are coming along great, as you can see, and will be off to their new homes soon. :)c

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