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Life slowly returns to normal.

Which is the polite way of saying you’ll see lots of cat, dog, and parrot pictures in this post. After five days of hospitalization and one day of at home fluids, Noire’s kidney values have returned to normal. She’s got … Continue reading

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Charlotte ~2001- August 28, 2014

Most of our week has been wrapped up in Noire’s pill drama, but there’s been a quieter, slower issue going on in the background. Charlotte’s been slipping away for six weeks, and we let her go tonight. She was a … Continue reading

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Noire’s chocolate and pill popping party and random updates.

First, as you may have noticed, the All Feral Kittens All The Time party has ended. This is because they have gone to a new house, where they are loved and adored, which is the best way for those stories … Continue reading

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Introducing Deuce.

Let me introduce you to Siam Jewels Doppelganger, hereafter known as Deuce. He is four months old, and the half-sibling of Jelly. Anyone surprised from that last post? Nope, didn’t think so. We went to the cat show on Saturday, … Continue reading

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Cat show!

I have too many things to post, so you’re going to get them in chunks, because that is how this weekend has gone. It’s been… eventful. Let’s start with this one! We went to a cat show, which is one … Continue reading

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A small break from all kittens all the time.

This post includes things that are not kittens. Also some kittens, because that’s just how things go around here. Not a kitten. Giant dinosaur. Also not a kitten. Also a giant dinosaur. Let’s see how your identification abilities are going. … Continue reading

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Socializing and habituating feral kittens.

Where we were On July 18th, 2014, we found a pair of five to six week old feral kittens while walking through our neighbourhood. Feral cats are domesticated cats who have returned to the wild, or the offspring thereof. Feral … Continue reading

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The kittens earn themselves a bit of freedom.

I’ve got a huge post in the works about how I’ve raised these kittens to this point, what steps come next, etc, but it’s still not quite ready. So instead, you’ll get pictures. I know, I know, it’s so hard … Continue reading

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