Two is always better than one.

And so, this post will be a number of things in pairs. Until I run out of things in pairs, and then it will be things in singles.

Life here is cruising along as it does, full of entertainment and pets and summery things. Mostly summery things, at least, as it’s been quite a cool summer so far.

Y has been in the house for a month and a bit now, and is doing ridiculously well. She’s super playful, extremely friendly, and gets along well with the other cats, and is somewhat tolerant of the dogs. She still hisses if they get too close but she’s willing to hang around downstairs with us and dogs, and we’re working on a little more tolerance. That one takes time.

Also, she has her very own boy toy, as you can see.

These two are so in love, it’s ridiculous.

Sometimes you express love by chewing on your friend’s head. This is normal.

While we’re on the subject of love and cats, we’re actually temporarily down a cat. Macavity had decreed that he was a manly cat and it was time to start peeing around, so he’s moved in with his breeder, Jessica, to do some manly kitten making before he returns to us to get neutered.

Jessica and her mother came over to collect him, and while she was there, Jessica got her very own friend to visit. Keela flew over and landed on her shoulder and made video game noises for her.

I don’t know if calling these two love counts, because they’re still not a fan of being on the same swing, but I put Keela up there for a photo shoot and there was no death, so…

Cin’s a touch closer to the camera, but you can see the size difference between them. Keela’s a wee thing, and Cin is a beast of a (still pudgy) grey.

Remember how I said it had been cold? The other night, it dropped down into the low teens/low fifties, and Noire was digging in the couch because she was freezing. So we covered her.

This is what a doberman under a blankie looks like.

Also like this.

And again. In her defence, she has neither hair nor any quantity of body fat, so she does get cold easily.

Yesterday, I was making bread (using the famous no-knead bread recipe which is amazing), and finishing the shaping of it when Keela flew over head and left me a present.

I think the bread actually tasted better as a result.

And to wrap things up, the final bit of love. After just shy of seven months of having her, Tlalli has multiple feathers on her chest and shoulders that are newly grown in and not barbered.

This doesn’t in any way mean that she won’t barber in the future, or won’t do more now. But it’s a good sign and a good start.

I actually picked up one of her partially barbered molted feathers from the floor, and it was obvious why she destroyed them — they felt like straw, with a very coarse texture.

As for what we’ve changed? Everything. We’ve massively improved her diet, she now regularly plays with toys and has a lot more to do with her time, she gets tons more exercise through flapping games, and daily showers.

We’d love her to bits even if she remains naked though. :) But I have hopes.

And with that, dear reader, I leave you until the next time.

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