Random cats and new stand for Keela!

First up, the random cats. :)

This was ALMOST a picture of all three cats cuddling before Jelly went away because the camera came out.

Jelly says, ‘Who me?’

Giant pile of cats on the rug, hint of doberman outside being sad.

This is a picture of Nemo eating strawberries while Y looks on perplexedly.

And… yet another pile of cats, this time on the dog bed.

Nemo and Noire are buddies, unlike most of the other cats. Noire is a very active dog, and the girl cats find her offensive.

Not a cat, but the Best Dog Ever, right after getting groomed.

Now that we’ve made our way through the random cats (and impromptu dogs), let us discuss Keela! Keela has spent most of her out time hanging out on a bucket with a perch in it.

The bucket with a perch in it had a Sad Accident(tm) because Keela likes to stash things in her bucket, and Noire stuck her head in it, got it stuck, and broke the bucket. (It was actually a very funny accident.)

However, it meant that Keela needed somewhere else to hang out. Thus, she needed a new stand.

She finds it acceptable.

Acceptable, if boring.

The whole stand, pre-blinging out. It’s a plywood base, with vinyl on top, three dowels, and a triangle of perches at the top, two of elm, one of lilac, all from our yard. It’s attached with glue and screws — some screws are accessible to the bossy grey, but she never messes with metal, and she’s always supervised on the stand. Should she bother with them, I will cover them. :)

And now, post-entertainment.

It’s a rough life, being a tiny grey bird.

Since I took these pictures, she’s spent the entire day making wood chips.

Someone else is doing the same thing. You’d be amazed to find out how far we find bits of wood throughout our house.

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