Pet rescue saga, for real.

tl;dr — Anyone in the Toronto area want a kitten?

Our neighbourhood has a lovely 2 mile walking path through it. Part of it goes along a stream and is quite full of woods and weeds and is fairly wild — there’s actually a pair of beavers that live in the pond along the path.

Tonight, we went for a walk just after dark, and decided (strangely enough) to bring Nemo with us. Nemo was being carried and having a fine time, and about a third of the way along the path (on a dark and moonless night), I walked past a small lump on the path. I paused, Nemo stared, and we figured it was a baby rabbit.

And then, the baby rabbit skittered off, and ended up being a small (and I mean SMALL) red tabby kitten. We chased him down the path for a hundred feet or so, and then he disappeared into the darkness into the weeds and presumably someone’s backyard.

I ran back while my better half waited and searched for him, tossed Nemo into the house, grabbed some towels, a flash light, and a carrier, and drove over. We searched the path thoroughly for the kitten, but couldn’t find him, so we walked to the end of that segment, then walked back.

We counted the houses from the back so that we could find the right house, and thinking that there was very little chance, walked down the front of the houses.

Just as we got to house #21, we saw a kitten cross the street… a small black kitten. And, just across the street, was the red tabby of before.

The black kitten (hereafter called Black) was easy to grab, but the red kitten (hereafter called Red) led us on a merry chase, under cars, across the street, and was finally cornered against someone’s fence.

Both kittens were bundled in towels, and then placed in the carrier, and we came home and gathered up the things one requires for kittens, and put them in a bathroom.

At best guess, they’re roughly five or six weeks old, and were already on their way to starving to death. Black is barely a wisp of a kitten, and Red is only a little bit better. Between the two of them, they’ve polished off 2/3rds of a 15 ounce can of cat food.

We held them while they ate, and Black will tame down very quickly. Red is significantly more hissy and spitty, but he’s still quite young, so he’ll likely become a good pet too. Both are boys.

We’re not keeping them, but we will get them vetted, vaccinated, tested, and neutered before they go to a new home — which likely won’t be for a month or two, as they’re still super small, and need quite a bit of TLC and taming time.

So, as I said above… anyone need a kitten? Feel free to email me at lark at rationalparrot dot com, and I’d be happy to talk to you about rehoming.

They’re pretty cute. :)

Black says that he’s not sure about these people, but having a full belly makes a big difference.

He really is a tiny handful of a kitten.

Red is a little less thrilled about being held.

But he managed to pose well too!

Remember, these guys will be up for grabs soon! And apparently the kitten gods felt that we didn’t have enough to do these days.

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