All tinycats all the time!

It’s been an exciting few days, I have to say. Tinycats are well on their way to thinking that humans might be okay, and for fun, we’ve also taken them to the vet.

We had some concerns on Saturday, as Black stopped wanting to eat much and got a little dehydrated and had some serious digestive distress. However, lots of pedialyte by syringe and yogurt later, and he rebounded quickly.

The vet discovered that both of them had roundworms (no shock there), but were pronounced remarkably healthy, without fleas or earmites, and even more excitingly, FeLV/FIV negative. The vet agreed with my 6 week age guestimate. Black weighed 1.2 pounds and Red weighed 1.6. We’re waiting on vaccines for another two weeks to build up some body mass. They’ll get vaccinated, and then go off to a new home, and be neutered at six months.

They’re calming down dramatically and quickly, which makes me so happy. They’ve gone from freaking out whenever anyone moves to sitting calmly in laps while people talk. Red’s even done squinty eyes when he’s scratched under the chin, which is quite an improvement from hissing and swatting anytime people are near.

Probably tomorrow, they’ll be moving into an unused parrot cage (set up for kittens with shelves and such) in the living room to get more used to noises and people going around and dogs.

And, in the most exciting news, it looks like they may have a new home. Their potential new people came over to visit last night.

They put a pretty convincing argument to adopt them, as you can see.

And then, tonight, they got to go around the cat room a little bit, and see some toys.

Red is such a fluffy little thing (and he’s a classic tabby, too).

Black is mostly eyes (which I think will be green).

They’re still pretty perplexed by toys.

They’re less perplexed by Nemo.

Look at the adoration on Red’s face.

Nemo says, ‘Can we keep them?’ (Answer: No.)

Y was somewhat less enthused.

It’s fantastically fun to get to help these little guys learn to be better pets… and I’m even happier that they’re leaving when we’re done, and we’ll be able to get updates without expanding to seven cats. :)

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