All Slightly Less Tiny Cats, All the Time!

You can expect that the constant kitten posts will slow to a halt roughly when they go to their new homes, and not before that. :)

So! When last we met our fearless tinycats, they had just gone to the vet, and we were going to set them up in a flight cage downstairs. That was a week ago, and boy, have they come a long way.

For those watching the play by play updates on Facebook, some of this will be a repeat. However, I’ll add pictures. :)

Here we have a pair of tinycats moving into the flight cage downstairs. They did NOT approve.

Here’s a full size picture of their classy digs. This is a parrot flight cage slightly smaller than the HQ/AE one that everyone has, with two levels added for Cat Fun.

This is Red, who does NOT approve of cat fun.

And this is, um,… not a tinycat. Nemo thinks the flight cage is super fun, and leaps onto people’s shoulders to move in every time he gets the chance.

The flight cage was a SUPER good idea, because it allowed them to get used to dogs running around, sounds of people, all the normal conversations and noises of a household. They were freaked out the first day, but settled down very quickly. The habit was that at night, they’d sleep in our spare bathroom, and then when I woke up, I’d collect them and take them downstairs and put them in their day cage and give them breakfast.

And, eight days after we chased them down in the dark, both of them sprawled out in my lap and purred. A few days ago, they started playing, and they essentially haven’t stopped since.

This morning, I went into our tiny upstairs bathroom, and found Red on the counter. Then, they both spent the entire day body slamming each other around the cage. It was officially time to give them some more space. We’ve set up our spare bedroom to be TinyCat Friendly(tm), and let them loose in there tonight for the first time while their new owner visited.

And there were pictures.

The woman never stops taking pictures of me, says Black.

This petting thing ain’t so bad.

I’m a tinycat, right? Right? We let Y and Nemo in too to keep the kittens company.

Which they did very well.

They explored the room and were extremely good, mostly not hiding under things.

And then, they began playing with toys, and each other. BTW, if you’re thinking, looking at these pictures, that they look a bit bigger… Red gained 0.3 lb in one week. Black gained 0.7 lb, putting them both at just shy of 2 pounds.

Nothing is as good a toy as a brother.

There was sharpening of tinyclaws.

And playing with toys!

I taught Black (while sitting on the floor next to him) about the ball that goes around in a circle, thus guaranteeing that he’s going to keep me up all night playing with it.

They learned about climbing cat trees (and keep in mind, all of this is happening with three people in the room talking).

We learned more about climbing cat trees…

We had crazy playing between brothers…

And during this entire time period, Youngsmile fetched a ball back and forth. I tossed it, she’d retrieve it, run back, leap up on the futon, and drop it on my right side.

This is all you saw of Y — a ball in her mouth and legs going at the speed of light.

It was a very interesting night. :) My requirements for the kittens to go to their new home are that they will seek out human companionship even when they’re free, and they’re not there yet… but I think they will be soon. Next week, we’re off for vaccines, then this kitten adventure will be wrapping up and you’ll get to see parrot pictures and such again.

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