Y is too easy.

This is probably going to be the final ‘Official Cat Introduction’ update because Y is simply too easy. We’ve had her eight days, and she’s handled everything we’ve thrown at her and then some. She ignores the parrots, she’s met the Hater, she’s over the dogs.

I know, I know, pics or it didn’t happen.

How about a Y and a Hater?

I won’t say they’re buddies, but they’re capable of being in the same room together, and with only intermittent hissing. We’re leaving them alone out all night without issues.

How about some dogs?

Please note that I have two good dogs, and one dog who is so old that she’s decreed she no longer has to do any sort of obedience.

She’s learned how to get on top of the cabinets, which is required.

And, finally, here she is tonight, showing how terribly concerned she is by dogs.

All in all, she’s one of the easiest adult cats I’ve ever introduced to a household. We’re learning all of her little quirks, and I’ve accepted somehow that I’ll need to figure out how to expand my lap, because she wants to be in it 24 hours a day, and oh hey, so do a number of our other cats.

Eventually, we’ll get a picture of her cuddling with the Hater, which will be hilarious. But for now, Y is home, and all is well.

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