The little birds get some photo time!

Life here has been crazier than usual thanks to two trips and a bunch of job stuff on my part. Now that things are shifting back into normal, I’m working on catching up on some of the fun things that one has to do, such as laundry and eating like a normal person and cleaning parrot cages.

As part of the latter, I took the camera downstairs and took some pictures of the little birds.

Since I mention them significantly less than the bigger birds, a quick recap.

Tea is an 11 year old male sun conure (Aratinga solstitialis) and also my first parrot.
Ani is an 11 year old female cinnamon turquoise green cheek conure (Pyrrhura molinae).
Artichoke is a 1 year old male black capped conure(Pyrrhura rupicola).
Radish is a male cherry headed conure (Aratinga erythrogenys) of unknown age.

Now onto the pictures!

Artichoke is so pretty.

Ani too, even if the flash washes her out.

She has such a sweet face, and is so happy living with Artichoke.

This guy also has a sweet face. He hopped right out of his cage today and began his usual tricks of flying from cage top to cage top.

Tea’s cute too, honest!

Radish on top of one of the empty cages downstairs.

Tea says ‘Hi!’

It’s so good to chew on leather and get a head scratch.

This is a naked parrot going somewhere he shouldn’t.

In fact, him being where he shouldn’t (and Tea moving into the pyrrhura cage) made me randomly decide to switch up all the cages. So, Tea is living in the pyrrhura cage, Radish is in Tea’s cage, and the pyrrhuras are in Radish’s cage. Tea is thrilled, the pyrrhuras are perplexed, and Radish is slightly traumatized. I’m doing this both for environmental enrichment and to stem the tides of UBER hormones that are going on downstairs this year.

I’m sure they’ll upgrade to happier over the next few days, and eventually, I’ll let them trade back.

I’m also strongly considering an Amazon cage flip, too. So, with that, I’ll leave you with a wet Ky.

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