Cats, birds, and dogs, oh my!

I know I’ve used that title a thousand times before, but what you get here is exactly that. Some cats, some dogs, some birds. :)

It was quite hot a few days ago, and all the pets drooped around looking hot despite the A/C being on.

Crow even droops in an elegant, attractive way.

Noire is capable of rolling into the smallest ball imaginable. Tiny doglet ball.

Stripey cat Y is also a small ball of cat.

Then, it got cooler and nice again, and we have caws, being cawful, eating foods and watching them eating foods.

It’s fascinating to see how differently their heads and beaks are built.

Warning: cat sex picture ahead.

Some explanation, for whatever that’s worth. The cat on top is Fetch, a 13 year old neutered male ex-feral cat. The cat on bottom is Macavity, a 15 month old INTACT male. No, it makes no sense. Yes, it happens all the time.

As you can see, Youngsmile and Nemo are getting along just fine.

All stripey cats, all the time! (These are, in fact, our only two genetic tabbies).

Nemo is clearly a huge user of his feet.

When people come to visit our house, we try very hard to get the attack dogs to eat them.

As you can see, Noire continues to be vicious and monstrous to people. Look at the terror on our friend Tracy’s face.

There you have it, our life in a nutshell. Now I’m off for a conference for a few days. Don’t burn down the internet while I’m gone!

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