Adult cats are easy… and hard.

The last time I brought home an adult cat, it was Gus in 2006. Since then, all the cats that we’ve brought home have been kittens or adolescents (generally four to six months old). Kittens are super easy to integrate with other cats, generally pretty okay with dogs, and extremely challenging with parrots. This is because kittens play with everything in the world, and think the world is nothing but a play toy for them.

Adult cats are generally challenging to integrate with other cats and dogs, and generally super easy with parrots.

So, how’s Youngsmile (hereafter called Y) doing on all these accounts?


What do you think?

Nemo thinks she’s pretty fun, and would like to play with her a little more than she’d like to play with him. Macavity spent two days singing beautiful songs for her, but backs off when she smacks him around. She hisses at Fetch, but they mostly ignore each other.

Most of the time, they’re more like this.

She’s almost convinced that it would be okay if Nemo played with her.

Jelly’s gotten over the smell of the other cat in the house and has stopped hissing at the boys. Tonight, Jelly will sleep in the spare room while Y has full access to the house, and we’ll continue to alternate that for a few more days. Then we see.

Things are going super, super well though, better than I expected.


This is the expression of Youngsmile watching the three dogs trot around the house. The dubious ears are quite nice.

She is SURE that she ordered a house without dogs.

But alas, they are still here. We are letting her watch them from safe places, and she’s already calming down. The first time she saw the dogs, she got big racoon tail and we mocked her with love.

And last but not least, parrots.

She met Tlalli, was bored.

Here is her reaction to Keela less than 10 minutes after seeing the little, flying parrot.

Look at the fierce prey drive of Y… grooming herself.

This is a cat who does not give a crap about birds.

She just completely doesn’t care. In fact, while I was writing this, she climbed into my lap and then walked across the table past Keela, and when Keela lunged to bite her, she hunkered down and ran away.

Finally, the love? How is the love?

It’s hard, but I think she’s settling in okay.

You may have stopped petting me.

Mac thinks she’s a little crazy.

Rub my belly!

I don’t think she’s normal… so she fits right in here.

Yes, I think she can stay.

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