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The little birds get some photo time!

Life here has been crazier than usual thanks to two trips and a bunch of job stuff on my part. Now that things are shifting back into normal, I’m working on catching up on some of the fun things that … Continue reading

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Cats, birds, and dogs, oh my!

I know I’ve used that title a thousand times before, but what you get here is exactly that. Some cats, some dogs, some birds. :) It was quite hot a few days ago, and all the pets drooped around looking … Continue reading

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Y is too easy.

This is probably going to be the final ‘Official Cat Introduction’ update because Y is simply too easy. We’ve had her eight days, and she’s handled everything we’ve thrown at her and then some. She ignores the parrots, she’s met … Continue reading

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Adult cats are easy… and hard.

The last time I brought home an adult cat, it was Gus in 2006. Since then, all the cats that we’ve brought home have been kittens or adolescents (generally four to six months old). Kittens are super easy to integrate … Continue reading

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Youngsmile, Day 2.

Joining our household comes with a whole slew of new experiences for a cat, and requires the right cat. Youngsmile completely is the right cat. It’s been an exciting second day for her, and it’s only 2 pm! I will … Continue reading

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