Oh, right, pictures.

Hi all! Sorry for falling down on the posting of zoo pictures for the past bit. I will make up for it with tons and tons and tons of pictures now, and undoubtedly more soon.

This weekend, Mac and Jelly are off to prove their wonder and gloriously prettiness at a cat show wayyyyyyy east of here, so there will undoubtedly be updates from that. And maybe some others. :)

For now, have some cats and birds, and maybe a dog if you’re very good.

There are few things in the world as entertaining as watching the greys chew toys obnoxiously at each other.

Also, in actual exciting news, Tlalli wore her harness (it’s an Aviator) for the first time outside, and found it interesting.

She’s beautiful all the time, but she’s even more beautiful in the sunshine.

Beautiful, rumply, and barbered but hey.

The other night, my cream dog and my cream cat were laying on the dog bed together.

Also found on the dog bed — cats in various varieties.

Jelly and Nemo.

Mac, Nemo, and Jelly (and a dog ball all covered in doglet slobber).

And now, for something different…. an Amazon!

Ky gets some love (non-evil looking because I am far away).

Cin has a good stretch.

Cody has some crazy.

Looooots of crazy.

Cody has decided that he thinks that I’m pretty awesome, and no one else. No one else except for this beauty. He thinks they’d make beautiful crazy babies together.

She doesn’t want to make babies. She just wants to be on my shoulder, ALL THE TIME. Or at least if I move.

Cin said something odd, and she was standing directly below him.

And last but not least, the lovers again.

That’s all for now! More will come sooner rather than later. :)

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