Meet Youngsmile.

We attended our first cat show in August of 2012, and have been going off and on ever since. One of the cats who was doing phenomenally well at the shows back then was a gorgeous chocolate lynx point female imported from Germany that belonged to the same cattery that Nemo (and Skimble) came from.

She was shown for two years and attained the title of Master Grand Champion. She also produced a few litters of kittens, all undoubtedly as beautiful as she is. At the last show, in April, it was mentioned that she might be retired.

A note, here, for those who don’t hang around with cat breeders. Since good cat breeders want to plan their litters (not have whatever happens happens), and since most of them have both males and females, all breeding cats usually separated into various small groups, based on who likes each other, etc. In addition to that, most breeders breed their cats a few times when they’re relatively young. Since the point of breeding is to continue to (hopefully) make better cats and since breeders can’t reasonably keep all their cats forever and have them taken care of properly, the breeding cats eventually get spayed and neutered, and in most cases, rehomed — aka ‘retired’.

Back to Youngsmile. I’ve wanted her since the first time I saw her, both because she’s gorgeous, and because she loves showing, and because I think she’ll do wonderfully showing as an alter. And it turns out there’s another bonus — she’s the sweetest cat in the world. She’s four years old, so she’s got a whole lot of life ahead of her, and life that will of course be spent in our house.

Which is a really long way of saying… please meet MGC Bestcats Yesterday’s Youngsmile of Just Oriamese, who moved in with us today.

(Yes, she’s a little pudgy. We’ll fix that.)

Mostly in focus is the best we’re going to get, because she was too busy either exploring or having EXTREEM love crisis.

Really aloof cat, this one.

Minion, you may have stopped petting me.

Full body petting!

Here’s the sort of cat this is. We took her home, in a strange place, trimmed her nails, and then decided to bathe her to get her clean and make her smell like the rest of the cats.

She handled it by… wanting more love.

One blurry picture to show off her beautiful blue eyes.

And with that, a final brief show update. Jelly got in one final, 8th best all breed alter. Macavity lost 4 rings out of 4 to a gorgeous red tabby that I frankly would have put up over Mac too. And, oh, did I mention our new beauty? :)

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