Spring may actually be here!

The weather is finally improving, our crocuses are blooming in the front yard, and of a sudden, all the parrots are nesty and molting like crazy.

Fun times!

We’re also rapidly approaching the Day of Macaw Cohabitation. Theo and Tlalli have been out together on the stands with minimal fuss for a while now. There’s only one real requirement left — Tlalli needs to eat fresh food happily on her own, which she’s finally beginning to do.

After that, the only thing that’s still left to do is to update all their toys, and then in a week or so, we can probably move them in together — which makes me overjoyed, because that will drop us to only 10 cages to deal with. The day when the greys (sooner rather than later) and the Amazons (who knows when) can live together will be a glorious day.

Keep in mind that if you’re ever going to house two large macaws together, you need a REALLY large cage. Our caw cage is 8 feet wide, 4 feet deep, and 6 feet tall.

Just remember, parrots who are allowed to interact with other parrots are completely untame.

I hope that one day, her feathers are as beautiful as his.

They’re so much more relaxed around each other now.

Another fun thing that’s going on in our lives is that the crazy zons went to the vet this week for a checkup — no results back yet though. In Cody’s case, he also got a beak trim to deal with the excessive layers on his beak.

This is a before shot.

And here’s an after — he looks so different to me with the different colours.

Cody’s been enjoying, with the nice weather, being parked in front of a window to watch the world go by.

The sun’s pretty nice too.

Crazy Ky got her beak trimmed too, though hers was in better shape.

This is how Ky always looks at me — vaguely murderous.

Whereas this one is always super, super sweet.

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