Happy Birthday, Tlalli-bird!

As part of my in-depth investigation of her past, I discovered the pet store chain that sold her originally, and through that, her birthday.

So I can tell you, for certain, that on April 30th, 2008, a greenwing macaw was born in Ontario.

A toast, to you, Tlalli!

Would you care for a birthday avicake? Yes, yes, she would.

Words can honestly not express how much I love this barbered, demanding, crazy parrot, or how much she’s done to remind me of the joy of owning parrots, rather than the sadness and death. The fact that she waves around treats while saying “Hi!” and “Cracker!” while tipping her head is just one of her many, many charms.

Happy birthday, Tlalli. May we get to celebrate many, many more together. Six years old is just the start of the journey.

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